Timberwolves vs. Clippers Pick NBA – January 19th

The Charlotte Hornets cruised to an easy victory last night to earn us our third straight NBA winner and seventh in eight plays (12-4 ATS over last two weeks).  And as nice as it is to have a solid winning streak and stack some winning plays, It can’t feel half as good as Kevin Durant did last night.  The Warriors, as predicted, had his back in a MAJOR way last night; the fed him the ball (KD dropped 40), they won in blowout fashion, and Zaza even knocked Russell Westbrook flat on his ass and stood menacingly overtop of the fallen point guard.

The Warriors made the turn at 35-6, which projects out to 70-12, but I still haven’t ruled out the possibility of one of my bolder preseason predictions coming true; that they could win 73 games on accident.  The last two games were absolute demolitions of the Cavaliers and Thunder, so any “can KD and Steph work together?” and “what’s wrong with the Warriors?” is honestly just dumb.  Their point differential is actually HIGHER than last season – the greatest regular season in NBA history.  The Dubs are just fine, thank you.

And so are we, so let’s keep cranking tonight and see if we can notch fourth straight NBA winner.

Today’s Free Pick:

Minnesota Timberwolves at Los Angeles Clippers -2

If ever there was a team that was primed for a disastrous, faith-eroding, fan-defecting, sell all our assets now, losing streak, it’s the Los Angeles Clippers.  Doc is a good coach.  They need a good witch doctor or spiritual healer.  The problem isn’t x’s and o’s, it’s DUDES.  As in, they are running out of good ones.

Chris Paul is set for surgery, Blake Griffin is still out, and there frankly isn’t enough left on that roster to field a quality basketball team.  The LAST time these two were out, the Clippers went on a massive season-crushing seven game losing streak.  I think the same thing is coming soon.  They have shown in years past they can win without Blake.  They can’t without Paul.

So basically every metric, every stat, every analytic goes the Charles Barkley route tonight; WHO CARES.  The stats are meaningless because tonight isn’t the 2010’s Clippers, it’s the 90’s Clippers.  And Minnesota, for all their road woes this season (and there are plenty) should be the lucky beneficiary.

The Wolves are younger, more talented, deeper and most importantly, HEALTHIER.  I don’t know that there is too much else to say on this game as stats aren’t really relevant.  I think this line is crazy.  Perhaps the Clippers veterans and bench squad come up big.  They DO have lots of veteran talent.  But this season has clearly shown that talent NEEDS CP3 to function properly.

I’ll take the Wolves in a straight-up road winner tonight.

Free Pick:  Minnesota Timberwolves +2

Chris Scheeren / Author