Warriors vs. Cavaliers NBA Finals Game Four Pick

It looked like we were finally going to get an NBA Finals series for 47 minutes Wednesday night. Sadly for the Cavaliers, NBA games last 48 minutes…

The Warriors hit the accelerator like only they can, scoring the final ten points and making the possibility of becoming the first team in NBA history to rip through the postseason 16-0 a very distinct reality. They just need to close out The King and his not-so-merry men tonight at The Q.

Can they do it? Can the Warriors make a legit claim to the throne as the Greatest Team in NBA History tonight? Vegas sure seems to think so, installing the Warriors are fat six and a half point favorites. It seems unconscionable to eat over a half dozen fading LeBron in his own gym, but that is what we are offered tonight to be on the side of possible history.

And in case this IS the last NBA column of the season, thanks for being with us in 2016-2017. We had an amazing regular season, a rough postseason, and hopefully we can bow off the stage tonight with a winner…

Today’s NBA Pick:
NBA FINALS – GAME FOUR (Warriors lead 3-0)
Golden State Warriors at Cleveland Cavaliers -6.5

What is there to say about Golden State that hasn’t already been said? They are so good, so lethal, so precise, so unselfish, so EFFORTLESS that they leave opponents with next to NO margin for error. Cleveland played really well Wednesday night. LeBron played 46 of a possible 48 minutes and was super-human. Kyrie finished at the rim with insane pizazz and skill – and yes, he took a few bad shots, but he was efficiently lethal for nearly the entirety of that basketball game. The Cavs were REALLY REALLY GOOD.

And it still wasn’t good enough.

I think Cleveland fights tonight. They won’t throw up the white towel and surrender easily at home. But I think Game Three left their tanks all but empty. It is asking a lot of their stars to go another full 48 just 48 hours after a heart-breaking season-dooming loss. I just don’t think they’ll have enough bounce and enough energy to counter the relentless multifaceted Warriors attack.

Golden State is scoring easily and scoring diversely. Kevin Durant has been so good people are flirting with the “is he the best player in the NBA discussion” Steph Curry has looked like the reigning two-time MVP, and even IF those two are slowed, Klay and Dray and Iguodala and Livingston and, and, and… it is never-ending.

Don’t get fooled into thinking a sweep meant we saw bad basketball. We saw basketball at it absolute historical apex this week. It is simply that one team is the defining standard of that never before seen greatness.



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