Warriors vs. Nuggets Pick NBA – November 22nd

I almost had to open with the “Break out the Sixers!” column. After playing mocking their chances of going winless until Christmas yesterday, they held a ten-point lead in Miami with less than half a quarter remaining to play. But just like the Warriors can turn a ten point deficit into a seven point win with just four of five minutes remaining, so too can the Sixers jettison victory off the leaking boat with buckets of turnovers and clanked shots.

The Heat won. So, the race for diametrically opposed perfection continues. Your move Dubs.

Meanwhile, we notched a really easy winner last night with Indiana boatracing the Bucks in Indy. The Pacers have now won eight of ten and hold the fourth spot in the Eastern Conference standings. I am not sure their small-ball lineup and relative lack of depth makes this result sustainable, but it is, along with Dallas and Rick Carlisle, one of the two more impressive starts to the NBA season. Paul George’s Comeback Player of the Year status seems all but cemented assuming he stays healthy.

Let’s see if we can stack another winner on yesterday’s result.

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Today’s Free Pick:

Golden State Warriors -11 at Denver Nuggets

Are you sick of hearing about the Warriors yet? Well, too bad, because until this team shows any signs of mortality, the story and the slurping shall continue. And for fair reason. For any doubters, by almost any statistical measurement available, we are watching something unprecedented in this history of NBA basketball. Add in the fact it is absolutely beautiful and breathtaking to watch if you like the sport, and of course the media circus will continue to grow.

The Warriors can match the best start in league history tonight at 15-0, and rather than the typical professional athlete downplay, this team has embraced it. They acknowledge it isn’t the ULTIMATE prize, but it’s a cool mark and one they are eagerly pursuing. Good for them. And that type of open acknowledgement and hunger makes it very unlikely they will sleepwalk through a game, even though this is their third game in four nights and against easily the worst opponent in the run. Being on the road in this situation is a trap-game for mere mortal teams, but I am not worried tonight.

The Warriors just keep rolling (and covering). And while Denver has been spunky in a few home games this year, look for Emanuel Mudiay to get a first-hand lesson ball movement and precision passing. We’ve already seen young Zach Lavine get spun around dizzy by Curry and company, and I think Mudiay is in for a similar treatment tonight.

Why bet against the Dubs? Seriously. Why do it? It is a futile exercise at this point. So rather than fight the momentum, I’m gonna ride the wave a little while longer.

Free Pick: Golden State Warriors -11

Chris Scheeren / Author