49ers vs. Ravens Super Bowl XLVII Funny Prop Bets

Like myself, I think many of you take a liking to the weird and funny prop bets the books throw out every year. It seems they come up with new, intuitive ways to at the very least, get a chuckle out of fans and non-fans alike. I always get a kick out of the reaction from people when I tell them what I actually have money on in the Super Bowl. Some of these remarks poke fun at the fact that I may in fact have a gambling problem for even considering these bets, but finding value, whatever the bet may be, is the name of the game in this industry. At the end of the day, the money you won doesn’t know if you cashed in on the 49ers, Ravens, or the over/under on the national anthem. It’s all money in the end.

Nevertheless, many of these bets have limits on them, and I wouldn’t want to be the one to live with the fact I can’t pay the rent this month because Beyonce failed to show cleavage (doubt she won’t, though), so treat these as fun side bets. If you make some extra gas money off of something as silly as these bets, consider that a win in itself.

I am going to showcase my top-10 favorite weird prop bets below, while trying to touch base with a little bit of everything. These are not listed from my favorite to least favorite picks. From before the opening kickoff to the postgame celebration, we have you covered.

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Prop Bet #1 – How many times will Jay-Z be shown on TV during the game?

Besides the fact that his wife will be performing at halftime, I do not believe CBS is going to focus too much on Jay-Z. This is Beyonce’s night, not his. I can’t see the CBS crew having much of an interest in Jay-Z and his whereabouts. If this was NBC, I could definitely see Al Michaels breaking down Jay-Z, but Jim Nantz? Not so much. Nantz and Simms will be too busy drooling over Peyton Manning in his press box.*This bet does not include pre-recorded tapes or during halftime.

Pick: UNDER ½ (-120)

Prop Bet #2 – Will Beyonce be joined by Jay-Z on stage during the halftime show?

This bet in a way coincides with the bet above. Like I said, I believe this is Beyonce’s night. I could see a lesser act joining Beyonce on stage, but I think Jay-Z would end up being the main attraction and take the limelight away from Beyonce if this were to happen. Besides, it just seems a little too much to have husband and wife on stage together. I could see Kayne West before Jay-Z.

Pick: NO (-130)

Prop Bet #3 – How long will it take Alicia Keys to sing the US National Anthem?

This is one bet I nail year after year, mostly due to the fact that there is usually footage available of singers singing the National Anthem from previous events. This year, however, I can’t find anything of Alicia Keys belting out the Anthem. If you have listened to Alicia Keys in the past though, you know she takes great pleasure in holding long, big notes. I am not a big Alicia Keys fan, but what can I say.

PICK: OVER 2:10 (+110)

Prop Bet #4 – Will Alicia Keys forget or omit at least 1 word of the official US National Anthem?

Erm, kind of a juicy pick, but being the kind of performer Alicia Keys is I do not foresee her forgetting any of the lyrics. She is a perfectionist and will have the Anthem down pat.

PICK: NO (-300)

Prop Bet #5 – Who will be mentioned more by full name during the game, Jim or John Harbaugh?

I am merely basing my pick on the fact Jim does tend to get a little more irate during games. There is plenty of footage out there of him chewing into refs with phlegm, spit, and the whole nine yards happening. I think Jim is the more well-known brother out of the two, with the more dynamic quarterback, so I could see him getting more face time.

PICK: Jim Harbaugh

Prop Bet #6 – How many times will the game be referred to as the Harbaugh Bowl or Har Bowl or Super Baugh during the game?

There was a story out not that long ago that mentioned a guy that tried to claim the rights to the name “Harbaugh Bowl”. The NFL’s legal team quickly sprang into action to shut into action before it hit the market. The man had a whole line of apparel with the name “Harbaugh Bowl” splattered on it. I think the NFL is going to try and disassociate somewhat with this moniker, and simply call this one the Super Bowl. Just out of the annoying factor of calling the Super Bowl this, I hope the under hits here.


Prop Bet #7 – How long will the post game handshake/hug last between Jim and John Harbaugh?

6 seconds may not seem very long, but for a handshake/hug that can feel pretty lengthy. Do a handshake with someone and see how awkward it really is. The only way this goes over is if they get close and hold it for the flashbulbs, but I can’t see them holding it for that long.

PICK: UNDER 6 seconds

Prop Bet #7 – If Ray Lewis is interviewed on TV after the game on the field or in the locker room, how many times will he mention “God/Lord”?

The Ray Lewis post-game act is getting a little stale for me, okay, plenty stale. Every time he has opened up his mouth in the past few weeks I just feel like cringing. There is no doubt that Lewis is going to use this stage to put on one final acting job to the public. If the Ravens win this game this could hit over 10. If they lose I still foresee it getting over 3.

PICK: OVER 3 (-120)

Prop Bet #8 – How many viewers will the game have?

I am basing this pick on the fact that California is the most populated state in the United States. With a population of 38,041,430, plenty of 49ers fans will be turning to watch this one. Not to be out done, the Ravens have a fairly large fan base that should push this one over the 111 million mark. Last year it went over that number by a smudge, with 111.3 people watching the New York Giants defeat the New England Patriots.

PICK: OVER 111 million (-135)

Prop Bet #9 – Will Steve Nash have more assists against the Detroit Pistons or will the Baltimore Ravens have more 1st half points?

Believe it or not, but Kobe has become the facilitator on the Lakers lately. Nash can still dish it with the best of them, but I think the Ravens will edge Nash out here by a couple points.

PICK: Ravens

Prop Bet #10 – Will Lebron James have more points against the Toronto Raptors or will the San Francisco 49ers?

Considering I like the total to fall under the number, I’m going to give the nod to Lebron here. Lebron averages 26.5 points per game and the 49ers averaged 24.3 during the regular season. I could certainly see the 49ers scoring 24 points.

PICK: Lebron