California vs. Washington State Pick – NCAAF Week 11

There are a couple games in the Pac-12 that should make for good games. One taking place earlier in the day between USC and Washington, and then Cal and Washington State in the nightcap. If you’re looking for a late night game to watch, this is the one for you. I am particularly excited to see the Apple Cup in a few weeks. Washington vs Washington State is going to be a fun one, as both teams are playing some of the best football in a very long time. If USC can’t spoil Washington’s season today, the door is going to be open for the Cougars to do it. And would it be much of an upset?

It would be a mini-upset, but Washington State are no slouches. It would make for a marquee win for the Cougars though, which would dash the Huskie’s chances of making the playoff. There might be a couple teams pulling for Washington State come that game. Nevertheless, Washington may have lost to USC by the team you’re reading this. We shall see how things go!

Washington State and California are similar in the sense that they love to pass the ball around and get in as many plays as possible. But let’s give Mike Leach credit here, he’s actually been diversifying his offense with some runs thrown in once in a while. I don’t know what’s gotten into the guy, but he’s discovered that he actually has some running backs there to us. And while they aren’t running for big yardage numbers, it does work out nicely complimenting the passing game. California can’t stop the run to save their lives, and they couldn’t stop anything Washington did last week. Let’s see if they learned anything from that game.

California Golden Bears vs. Washington State Cougars NCAAF Betting Odds:

California +14.5(-110)
vs. Washington State -14.5(-110)

Over 83(-110)
Under 83(-110)

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California vs. Washington State Pick:

Washington was able to do anything they wanted on offense and for the most part on defense stopped a dynamic Cal offense. They get another tall order tonight, though, against a team from the same state. Is the result going to be any different? I expect them to play better, especially offensively where they can actually improve week-to-week. On defense though, they can practice and try and get better all the want, the defense just isn’t good at all to be better in this short of time. California on offense are a great unit though, averaging 517 yards of average per game and 40 points per game. Yardage wise they are 8th in the country.

The defense tells an entirely different story, though. California are all the way back in 125th with regards to total team defense, ouch. Ouch is right, they’ve been getting gashed for 44.4 points per game. Washington probably could have scored more if they wanted to, to be honest. The Golden Bears are going to have to deal with another offense who know how to pile on the points. Statistically, Washington State are actually averaging more yard per game than Washington are, with 502 yards for 16th in the country.

The Cougars have improved exponentially on defense compared to just two years ago. This was a team who had to put up well over 50 points on average just to finish above .500 because the defense was so bad. However, the defense has turned a corner in Pullman. However, I don’t expect the California offense to get shutdown completely. They should be able to hit the mid-30’s in the one. Cal quarterback, Davis Webb, has thrown for 30 touchdowns and 11 interceptions. He’s going to look better than last week, where he was going up one of the top secondary’s in football. Luke Falk and Webb are going to put on a show tonight. This game should look like an arena football game, giving way to a high scoring game and the OVER cashing.