Cardinals Chargers Spread Line Odds and Prediction

San Diego has once again opted to get off to a slow start and finish strong as they play host to the Cardinals this week. The Cardinals coming off a “lucky” win are not as good as their 2-1 record would lead you to believe, Derek Anderson has been serviceable at best and the team just doesn’t look very good. On the flip side, the Chargers are not as bad as their 1-2 record would lead you to believe, but their special teams coverage have been terrible, on Offense Phillip Rivers is having a good year so far and Defensively they have some work that has to be done. Neither team is in panic mode quite yet, but both teams need to be wary of what damaging effects a loss could do for their post season hopes. Game starts at 4:15 EST.

The Cardinals have a ton of problems, their offensive line is not very good, Fitzgerald is still not 100 percent and it’s obvious, on Defense they can’t seem to get off the field. I think most of these problems will get fixed as the season progresses, but it’s something to look out for. If this team is to go anywhere Derek Anderson is going to have to get better and make better decisions, the running game is getting better and Beanie Wells ran well his first game back. On the defensive side of the ball, the losses they had during free agency by letting Dansby and Rolle leave was a huge mistake. I want to see how they come out against the Chargers and if they are going to allow Phillip Rivers to pass all over the field.

San Diego has had a very good Offense for a while now, but it is evident that Phillip Rivers missed LT Marcus McNeill and that he is still missing Receiver Vincent Jackson. The offense just has not looked the same, rookie RB Ryan Matthews has been battling injury, but Mike Tolbert has been picking up the slack in the running game. The Defense of the Chargers has not been spectacular and with an injured Larry English out a month and Shawne Merriman not being much of a factor I don’t really see how things will get better. These are the Chargers though and they always somehow find a way to pull it together at the end and win games. Let’s see if they can do it this week.

Cardinals vs Chargers Spread, Line and Betting Odds:


Arizona Cardinals +10
@San Diego Chargers -10

Game Total:

Over (-110)
Under (-110)

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Cardinals vs Chargers Prediction for Week 4 Betting:

Spread Prediction (Top Play): These teams haven’t played each other very often lately, but both these teams understand the urgency of a week 3 game. Derek Anderson will try to connect with Fitzgerald early and often in this one, especially with Steve Breaston suffering an injury that’s going to force him to miss 2-3 weeks, I think that will also put more pressure on the running game to be successful which I believe can have some success against a less than dominant front seven of the Chargers and as for Defense as long as the Cardinals pressure Rivers I don’t see why they can’t win this game. For the Chargers to have success they have to let Rivers throw the ball, that’s when he’s at his best, if the Chargers can protect him and get themselves an early lead, the Cardinals won’t have a shot. I don’t think the Chargers can protect Rivers though and think it will be a good game.

Top Play Prediction: Cardinals +10

Spread Prediction: Two teams that are built on Offense should produce a lot of points, but this one might be different. I think the emphasis this week will be on Defense, everybody knows Fitzgerald is arguably the best Receiver in the game and look for the Chargers to force Anderson to look elsewhere to throw the ball, with Breaston hurt he will be forced to throw the ball to rookie wide receivers Stephen Williams and Max Komar, so there is a good possibility the Cardinals will try and run clock. The Chargers on the other hand will try to take advantage of the size advantages of their Receivers and getting Gates involved early. I do also believe we will see a good dose of Ryan Matthews during this game. This one will be close and could go either way.

Prediction: Under 45

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