Memphis vs. Ole Miss Pick – NCAAF Week 5

Ole Miss took Georgia out to the toolshed last week, beating them by a considerable margin for a 45-14 final score. This was a week after they dropped a heartbreaker to the Alabama Crimson Tide, 48-43. The defense was in shambles, as Alabama just waltzed right through their defense. The Bulldogs got the bad end of the stick the next week, as Ole Miss took their frustration out on them. Ole Miss needed somebody to beat up on after what transpired a week ago. Georgia, and their ground game, had no answer for the onslaught that the Rebels put on them.

The Bulldogs are a run first team, hoping to drain the clock and play keep away from offenses like theirs. Ole Miss didn’t need much time to run the score up, as Chad Kelly had another monster game. There is Chad Kelly and then there is Baker Mayfield. Two quarterbacks that love to sling it around and are similar in a few ways, but Kelly has figured out how to do it a much better level in 2016.

When Kelly throws it, it’s a heat seeking missile to his receiver. There aren’t a lot of really good quarterbacks that come through the SEC, who make an impact at the professional level. It’s mostly a league based off strong defenses and running games, but Kelly is a different mold in a conference with boring quarterbacks, for the lack of a better word. Josh Dobbs of Tennessee is an exciting QB in the SEC as well, but for me, Kelly is the one to watch.

Ole Miss has Arkansas on the road next week, with LSU to follow on the road after the Razorbacks. There could be a look ahead spot in the Rebels heads going in against Memphis this afternoon, but they need to stay focused, because they have already had a couple of losses. Ole Miss needs to stay hot following their route of Georgia a week ago. We’ll see if they will do it against the Memphis Tigers on Saturday afternoon.

Memphis Tigers vs. Ole Miss Rebels NCAAF Betting Odds:

Memphis +14.5(-110)
vs. Ole Miss -14.5(-110)

Over 69(-110)
Under 69(-110)

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Memphis vs. Ole Miss Pick:

Memphis is living life without Paxton Lynch for the first time in several years. Lynch was drafted by the Denver Broncos this past NFL Draft following a successful career in college. Lynch was a record breaker at Memphis, but he is still getting acclimated at the NFL level. He was unable to win the quarterback job, but all in all, Lynch was good as they came at the college level. The Tigers haven’t had the most difficult of schedules thus far, so there isn’t really anyway to ascertain how good they actually are.

Memphis was able to upset the Rebels last year, beating them by a score of 37-24. This is a rematch and revenge game of sorts for Ole Miss. Memphis has gone 3-0 with wins against Bowling Green, Kansas, and SE Missouri State. Quite the slate of games versus three of some of the worst teams Memphis could have started against.

The Tigers did what they had to do, though, and won all three matchups. Nevertheless, they are going to be going from slow motion to full speed today against Ole Miss. No previous game will be able to set them up for what they’re going to see against the Rebels. This goes for on offense and defense. Kelly has thrown for 12 touchdowns and 4 interceptions. Note that this was against good teams, like FSU, Alabama, and Georgia. If Kelly can do damage against all three of those teams, he should be able to have a field day against the Memphis defense.

Further, Ole Miss averaged over 40 points against those three teams. With a new quarterback at the helm for Memphis, taking over for Paxton Lynch under center, I don’t anticipate the Tigers hitting their stride on offense. After Ole Miss has lost two games, I don’t think they’re going to be looking ahead to anybody on their schedule. If anything, they will be looking to make a statement following their loss to Memphis last season. Expect more of the same from Ole Miss this week, with another comfortable win, leading to a blowout in their favor.

PICK: OLE MISS -14.5 (-110)