Miami Dolphins Super Bowl Odds and Predictions for 2010/2011

The Miami Dolphins will use the running game to make an attempt at getting back to the postseason in 2010 – 2011. Last year, Miami finished 7-9, which placed them middle of the pack in the AFC East. Third place is about where Miami is predicted to finish this season, playing in the same division with the Jets and Patriots.

Miami finished the season fourth in rushing last season, with just under 140 yards per game. Ricky Williams rushed for just over 1100 yards, and Ronnie Brown garnered 650 and 8 touchdowns, despite getting injured. The Dolphins will welcome superstar receiver Brandon Marshall, who came over from Denver to join the Dolphins wildcat offense.

The Dolphins will face a tough test as they play New England and New York (Jets) for home and away contests this season. Miami hopes their two battles against a young, weak Buffalo team will result in two wins. Outside of the AFC East, here are the remaining games the Dolphins will play this season: @ Minnesota, @ Green Bay, w/ Pittsburgh, @ Cincinnati, @ Baltimore, w/ Tennessee, w/ Chicago, @ Oakland, w/ Cleveland, w/ Detroit.

This appears to be a schedule that is very heavily front-loaded. If Miami can survive the early part of the season then good things could happen for them.

Miami Dolphins Super Bowl Odds

As we mentioned above, we feel the Miami Dolphins are the third best team within the AFC East. But how do they fare against the entire AFC? When it comes to the entire AFC, the Dolphins are predicted as the 7th best team. The Miami Dolphins betting odds for winning the AFC are +1000, according to!

When it comes to winning the Super Bowl, outside of those seven AFC teams, there are also four NFC teams, and the Atlanta Falcons tied with them at +2000 odds to win the Superbowl. These odds were set early on in the preseason by and quite possibly will change as we near closer to the regular season just a week away.

Miami Dolphins 2010/2011 Predictions

The Miami Dolphins may have too difficult of a schedule to be looking at the postseason, as they face the Pats and Jets twice each, who are both playoff caliber teams. There are not many easy wins in the first part of the schedule, and we all know in the NFL it is very difficult to make a late run once you have dug a hole.

Our 2010/2011 Miami Dolphins prediction has them finishing right at, or below .500. Our best guess says they will finish a mere 7-9 and miss the playoffs completely.

We would not recommend placing a bet on the Dolphins to win the AFC or the Super Bowl at the odds placed on Miami, but if your instincts tell you different head on over to and make your futures bet!

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