Oklahoma State vs. Texas Tech Pick – CFB October 31st

Oklahoma State puts their undefeated record on the line on the road against Texas Tech in Lubbock Texas. No that isn’t a typo, Oklahoma State is in fact undefeated at 7-0. But I agree, it does not feel like the Cowboys are an undefeated team. Perhaps it’s because of how close they have come to losing games. You hear a lot about other schools and how well they have been playing, but you would be hard pressed to find a highlight reel showcasing Oklahoma State. The Cowboys’ close finishes can be found in their ranking, 10th in the country. If you’re undefeated and can barely crack the top 10 then something is going on there. Nonetheless, Oklahoma State has won every game thrown their way. In college football that isn’t good enough. You need to win in convincing fashion to get the attention of voters. The Cowboys aren’t even regarded as the best team in the BIG 12, or even the second best for that matter. If you want to go even further, I think there is a case to be made that Oklahoma State is the 4th best team in the conference behind Baylor, TCU, and Oklahoma.

I think that is why the committee is skeptical about Oklahoma State and why they are 10th in the nation instead of higher. The Cowboys face a tricky contest today. Texas Tech is unranked, but they have already given a major scare to another BIG 12 foe, TCU. The game against Texas Tech was the only real threat TCU has had this season. If it weren’t for a miracle tipped ball in the end zone on 4th down into the hands of a TCU receiver, Texas Tech would have had the upset.

They have another chance to knock a top BIG 12 team off at home Saturday afternoon. The Red Raiders at 5-3 aren’t going to catch a piece of the BIG 12 but they are a team that can play spoiler, like today against Oklahoma State. There are still issues on their defense to be able to compete with the heavyweights in the conference. Is Oklahoma State elite? We haven’t really been afforded that information yet. They haven’t played and beaten anybody that makes you feel confident with the Cowboys. I provide more of my thoughts below on this BIG 12 matchup.

Oklahoma State vs. Texas Tech College Football

Betting Odds:

Oklahoma State -2.5 (-110)
@Texas Tech +2.5(-110)

Over 79(-110)
Under 79(-110)

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Oklahoma State vs. Texas Tech Pick:

Let’s now take a look at the competition Oklahoma State has faced this season. They struggled in their opener against Central Michigan with a 24-13 win, struggled the next week against Central Arkansas in a 32-8 win. Then finally they opened things up against UTSA and blew them out by a score of 69-14. Let’s just say that those three opponents wasn’t the stingiest competition. When they finally did play against better competition they barely got pass Texas (3 point win), Kansas State (2 point win), and West Virginia (OT win). The Cowboys did blow Kansas out last week, which accounts for pretty much nothing. In this respect, we can now see why an undefeated team is 10th in the country and isn’t in the top 5.

Texas Tech is without a doubt the best offense Oklahoma State has seen this season. They haven’t seen a team that plays with the same tempo that the Red Raiders do. Quarterback Pat Mahomes is Johnny Manziel lite. The sophomore an turn nothing into something with his ability to scramble and make a play. His first poor start was last week against Oklahoma where he threw 1 touchdown and a season high 4 interceptions. On the season he has passed for 21 touchdowns and 10 picks with 7 touchdowns rushing. Texas Tech feels way more battle tested in this game than Oklahoma State.

They have already played TCU, Baylor, and Oklahoma. Despite that they are still averaging 50.1 points per game. Statistically the Oklahoma State defense looks good, allowing only 18.9 points a game, but look at who they have played. The Red Raiders at home should give the Cowboys a load to handle. Even though Oklahoma State is the 7-0 team, I think Texas Tech is being undersold. Public is jumping on Oklahoma State due to that, but I think the books clean up in this game. Oklahoma State has scathed by this season, not today, as the Red Raiders pull the upset.

PICK: TEXAS TECH +2.5 (-110)