Redskins Titans Spread Over/Under Line and Predictions

Newly acquired Randy Moss and the Titans will host the Redskins in a very intriguing matchup for both teams with hopes of making the playoffs. The Redskins got embarrassed on Monday Night Football by a guy named Mike Vick and let’s hope they don’t get embarrassed again on Sunday because it would be tough to watch that twice in two weeks. The Redskins may still have high hopes for the season, but probably will not enter the postseason especially since McNabb is on pace to have the worse season of his career. The Titans got a present in waivers when they got awarded Moss and Vince Young is back healthy along with Chris Johnson could make for a long day for the Redskins again. Don’t miss this game. Game Starts at 1:00 PM EST.

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The Redskins are fighting for wins, but they simply aren’t coming and one of the major reasons could be McNabb has the worse receiving threats then he ever had during his tenure in Philadelphia. Santana Moss has been a non factor and Anthony Armstrong and Joey Galloway really? They do currently rank 14th in pass offense, but that number is deceiving because they haven’t been that good and the injury prone Clinton Portis hasn’t seen the field in awhile so that could be a factor as well since defenses can play the pass. The Redskins defense has been getting torched through the air and on the ground this season and luckily for them they will face Moss and Johnson. The Titans are weak through the air so if the Redskins have a prayer they will have to throw the ball and not to Finnegan who can take one to the house for the Titans.

Chris Johnson should be happy to know he will see less eight in the box fronts now that they have acquired Moss, but he must still be ready to run the ball as Moss at this stage of his career is more of a decoy, not to say he can’t still beat you because he can, but he isn’t what he used to be. The Titans are 9th in the league in rushing and that is what they will continue to do, but they must keep moss happy and the Titans love taking shots deep downfield. On Defense the Titans can focus solely on McNabb because as evidenced on Monday Night if he doesn’t beat you the Redskins cannot win. The pass rush for the Titans has been good this season and a lot of guys have around 5 sacks which isn’t a lot, but they are spread around pretty evenly. McNabb could struggle if they get to him.

Redskins vs Titans Spread, Line and Betting Odds:


Washington Redskins +7 (-105)
@Tennessee Titans -7 (-105)

Game Total:

Over (-110)
Under (-110)

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Redskins vs Titans Predictions for Week 11 Betting:

Spread Prediction (Top Play): The Redskins are 4-2 as an underdog and they find themselves as an underdog once again against the Titans. On paper it is hard to see how the Redskins are 4-5 and I don’t know because they should be worse, but they find ways to win. I think this game will be close down to the end because McNabb will not allow himself to be outplayed again. This game will be close in the 4th and either the Titans will blow it open or the Redskins may pull off the upset. The Titans for some reason have a tendency to play down to their competition and if they do they will lose their 2nd in a row.

Spread Prediction (Top Play): Redskins +7

Game Total Prediction: I love this game total and I think there is only one way to go here. The Redskins are 5-4 in the Over/Under and the Titans are 6-3. I don’t necessarily know where the points will come from, but Deangelo Hall can intercept the ball as well as anybody and may change field position. Both teams realize that their defenses aren’t dominating by any means and will have to put up points pretty fast. I think Chris Johnson will have a good day and I think McNabb will come out with something to prove especially with everyone doubting him. I don’t like to bet against McNabb when he has something to prove.

Game Total Prediction: Over 44

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