San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl Odds and Predictions for 2010/2011

The San Francisco 49ers look to finally have a grasp on the top of the NFC West. With the 49ers continuing to improve under head coach Mike Singletary, and Arizona looking like they may drop off, the division is San Francisco’s to lose. The 49ers return running back Frank Gore, who rushed for 1120 yards and 10 touchdowns last season. Tight end Vernon Davis led the team with an outstanding season of 13 touchdown catches. Rookie wide receiver Michael Crabtree came on the scene late, but caught 2 touchdowns passes. San Francisco was sixth in all of football, only allowing 97 rushing yards per game.

The 49ers will use the fact that they play in a relatively weak division to their advantage. San Francisco will play St. Louis, Seattle and Arizona twice during the season. Outside of those games, the 49ers will take on New Orleans(H), Kansas City(A), Atlanta(A), Philadelphia(H), Oakland(H), Carolina(A), Denver(H), Tampa Bay(H), Green Bay(A) and San Diego(A).

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49ers Odds

San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl Odds

According to the odds makers at the San Francisco 49ers come in as a +1000 favorite to win the NFC. These odds are some of the best odds San Francisco has received at the beginning of the season in a pretty long time. These odds are the best in the NFC West, and tied for the fifth best in the entire NFC.

When it came time to place odds on the San Francisco 49ers to win the Super Bowl, the odds makers at figured they were good for odds of +2000. This was once again in the middle of the pack with four NFC teams ahead of them, along with a few from the AFC. Every $10 bet on the 49ers to win the Super Bowl would pay out $200 at!

San Francisco 49ers 2010/2011 Predictions

While we think the 49ers will have a solid 2010 – 2011 season, including possibly winning 10 games; we do not feel the 49ers have enough firepower to win the entire NFC or the Super Bowl this season. Don’t get me wrong; San Francisco will most likely be a playoff bound team. But when it comes to winning the NFC or winning the Super Bowl, we don’t think they have enough in the tank.

Gore and crew can’t yet compete with the big dogs in the NFC such as the Packers, Vikings and Cowboys. We recommend not betting on the San Francisco 49ers to win the NFC or to win the Super Bowl in 2010 – 2011. If you like the value on 49ers odds make sure you place your bet at for $250 free!

49ers Super Bowl Odds

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