Seahawks Bears Spread and Early Betting Line for Playoffs

If you thought the Seattle Seahawks didn’t deserve to be in the playoffs at 7-9, you weren’t alone. If you think they still shouldn’t be in the playoffs after last week’s performance, then you very well may be alone. Seattle were responsible for one of the biggest post season upsets of all time last week as they beat the defending Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints. And what was even more surprising was how they did it. The Seahawks beat the Saints at their own game, passing with ease and playing aggressive football from the get go. This week they take on the NFC North Champion Chicago Bears, a team that rode one of the best defenses on the year to finish as the 2nd seed in the NFC. This week’s matchup is a re match of a regular season game from earlier in the year that saw Seattle beat Chicago in the Windy City. But the rematch means a lot more: a place in the NFC Championship game. Kickoff is on Sunday at 1:00 p.m. EST.

Spread and Betting Line Comparison Chart:

Betting Site
Over/Under Line
Bears -10 (+100)
Bears -10 (-105)
Bears -10 (-105)

No one thought Seattle could beat the Saints, but they did in convincing and exciting fashion that was capped off by a Marshaun Lynch 67 yard run for a TD. Reports surfaced this week of an earthquake in Seattle last weekend at exactly the same time that Lynch scored. It truly was an amazing run, and one that capped off and summed up one of the most memorable playoff games in history. However this week will be a different performance. The same result, perhaps, but Seattle can’t possibly move the ball as well through the air versus the Bears. Last week Hasslebeck threw for 272 yards and 4 TDs, and looked like a version of his 2006 self when the Seahawks went to the Super Bowl. But as good as he was, a lot of the credit goes to the Saints secondary who were absolutely burned by Seattle’s receivers. The Saints secondary finished 5th on the year and actually performed better this season than last, but they rely heavily on schemes and when they break down mid game, their DBs aren’t used to playing man coverage. The schemes broke down due to the Seahawks constant first and second down passing, something that confused New Orleans and took them by surprise. They geared up to stop the run, but the easy early down conversions got them second guessing and forced them into coverage’s they weren’t comfortable playing. Seattle kept scoring and before we knew it they were moving onto the next round. This week should be different, however, as the Bears have a more disciplined defense than the Saints and they’ll have had an extra week of preparation.

Chicago quietly won the NFC North this year and finished 2nd in the NFC, but they still aren’t getting the respect that they feel they deserve. With Jay Cutler at QB, you never know what type of performance you’ll get. But one thing you can’t deny him is his competitiveness; he gives the Bears something they haven’t had in years, and that’s a winning attitude and a rocket of an arm. He can be thrown off his game though, and it’s why many believe the Bears got to where they are because of their defense and special teams. Only a handful of teams in the NFL have a special teams unit that makes a difference on a weekly basis. The Bears are number 1. With Devon Hester returning kicks, teams have to always be weary of his presence and ability to change the game. He’ll no doubt play a factor this week.

The Bears defense has always been their strong point, and this year’s no different. They execute the Tampa 2 better than any team currently in the league, with LB’s Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs patrolling the field in both coverage and blitz packages. Briggs was absent for the first meeting between these two teams, a game in which Seattle won 23-20 to the surprise of many. The lines in the spread and the total were released earlier this week, and as we take a look we can see that the oddsmakers have seemingly forgotten all about that first meeting.

Jets vs. Bears Early Spread, Line and Betting Odds:


Seattle Seahawks +10
@ Chicago Bears-10

Game Total Line:

Over (-110)
Under (-110)

Spread: I wrote last week how shocked I was at the 10 point spread in the Saints game. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I was bang on. I didn’t think any playoff game warranted a home team to be underdogs by double digits. The line in this game stands out just as much to me, and I think it’ll move down by ½ a point at the most by game time. Clearly the oddsmakers don’t believe in the Seahawks away from home, and they can get away with such a big spread because a lot of betters will look at Seattle’s inconsistent record during the season and see this as a letdown game. Realistically, the Bears are a better team and are rightfully the favorites, but this is another great spot to ride the hot team. Seattle are a lot like the Jets of last year when they went into San Diego, and I think betters can take advantage of this line and make some money with the points in this spot.

Game Total: The total doesn’t surprise me here as the Bears are a notoriously stingy home team. They have a top 10 defense, and the Seahawks offense during the regular season away from home was pretty stagnant. If things go the way they should, this number will be pretty close to hitting. The one thing that might keep me from betting this is the Bears secondary is prone to giving up big plays. They ranked 20th against the pass on the year, and if the Seahawks can establish their passing game early and rattle the Bears, this could be high scoring.

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