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The Seahawks will go to Soldier Field and try to steal a win on the road against the Chicago Bears. The Seahawks coming off of a bye week have had lots of time to prepare for the Bears. The Seahawks have been playing better than some people expected and the addition of Marshawn Lynch should only help the running game be more effective, on Defense the team has young playmaker Earl Thomas at safety and should keep making plays. The Bears are getting Jay Cutler back which should help and their Defense is playing as great as they did during their Super Bowl run and with their hot start to the season they are in prime position to win their division. Game is set to start Sunday at 1:00 PM EST.

The Seattle Seahawks are in position to make a move to win the NFC West and are looking to better their chances by beating the Bears. On Defense they are getting killed through the air ranking 31st vs the pass, but they are effective in shutting down the run ranking 2nd in the league so far. The Bears are very much a passing team especially with Mike Martz calling the plays so they are going to have to find away to get to Cutler and make him force some throws which he is prone to doing at times, without the threat of a true number one receiver the Seahawks should be in good shape defensively. On Offense they have to try to throw the football, even though they traded away their best receiver Deion Branch other guys are going to have to step up. Hasselbeck will have a heavy task because he has to deal with his pedestrian offensive line taking on the likes of Julius Peppers. If the passing game gets going and the Seahawks can force Cutler to make some bad decisions, they just might pull an upset.

The Bears have a clear advantage on paper, they are better on Offense, Defense, and Special Teams, but Seattle has had an additional week to prepare for the Bears so you have to believe they will come out with a spark. As for the Bears the concept for this game is to win by throwing the football which shouldn’t be too hard since that’s what their Offense is based around, with a healthy Jay Cutler back this team should be able to move the team up and down the field against a poor Seahawks secondary unless the offensive line isn’t able to protect Cutler like two weeks ago against the Giants. On Defense Briggs may be out and that would be a huge loss for the Bears, but with Urlacher finally healthy he can be the leader this team has missed when he has been out. Special Teams is easy Devin Hester is one of the most electrifying return men in the league let him get his hands and one and see if he can take it to the house.

Seahawks vs Bears Spread, Line and Betting Odds:


Seattle Seahawks +6.5 (-110)
@ Chicago Bears -6.5 (-110)

Game Total:

Over (-110)
Under (-110)

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Seahawks vs Bears Prediction for Week 6 Betting:

Game Total Prediction (Top Play): In the only game played between these two teams the game has gone Over. I think that given the Seahawks have had extra time to prepare for Chicago they probably have a few ideas on how to exploit the Bears weaknesses and put some points on the board as for the Bears they have been able to put up points in most of their games this season and since Jay Cutler is back it can only lead one to believe that they will be back to scoring points. I don’t think this will be a shootout and both Defenses will play very well, but with the addition of Lynch to the Seahawks back field a healthy Hasselbeck and an extra week of preparation I believe some points will be put up. The Bears will play well and Cutler will surely try to come out early and score some points.

Game Total Prediction (Top Play): Over 38 points

Spread Prediction: This game has the makings of one that will come down to the wire and I don’t know if I think the Bears will be able to blow this one open. The Bears are 1-0 ATS in games against the Seahawks over the past three seasons. The Seahawks are playing surprisingly well and you can only assume the Defense will get better with time. The Bears Defense is playing at a higher level right now however making it difficult to pick against them, Cutler is probably ready to start scoring at will after the abysmal performance Todd Collins had last week. I think Hasselbeck will look to throw to his young receivers and get them involved early and try to get them to make some plays. Both teams will score, but I think the Seahawks will try to control the game late and run it out. In a game where both teams can surprise you, this one isn’t as easy a call as people would expect.

Spread Prediction: Seahawks +6.5

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