Seahawks vs. Broncos Super Bowl XLVIII Player Props

In this article, I am going to take a quick look at my top 5 favorite player prop bets for the Super Bowl. Will has team props covered, while my focus in this particular article will be player props. These bets can be a gold mine for some, and a disaster for others. I choose to play these bets more so for the fun of it as a few side bets. Winning or losing won’t revolutionize my bankroll, but these can be some fun wagers to keep track of during the biggest game of the year. The public doesn’t touch props much in any other game, nor is there usually many to choose from, so the Super Bowl provides a unique betting angle for us all. Let’s get to some winners.
Seahawks vs. Broncos Super Bowl XLVIII Player Prop Bets

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#1 – Total Field Goals– Steve Hauschka (SEA) – 1.5 FIELD GOALS

I cleaned up on this pick last year before halftime on David Akers, and I am going back to the well this season with Steve Hauschka. It is quite astounding I made money off of..David Akers, but I liked that one last year and I like it again this season. The weather forecast looks favorable for kicking tomorrow, and I can certainly envision the Seahawks nailing a couple of field goals. I see at least a couple of Seahawk drives stalling in Broncos’ territory, which is essentially all we need to cash this bet. Hauschka connected on 33 of 35 attempts this season, leading him to a 94.3% completion rate. I like him to hit three in this game, so two is looking good in my opinion.


#2 – Longest Completion – Russell Wilson (SEA) – 36.5 YARDS

I really like the Seahawks to bust a big play in this game through the air off a play-action, so this bet looks like money to me. All we need is one big play from Russell throughout the course of the game Wilson for this bet to hit. If the Seahawks are trailing late or have the ball late in the second quarter, they’ll be forcing the ball deep down the field. Regardless, I think we will hit this before that is even needed. There is a variety of ways this bet can hit, though, against a Broncos’ secondary that is not all that. I expect Percy Harvin to get loose in this game, so look for that.

PICK – OVER 36.5 YARDS (-125)

#3 – Total Receiving Yards – Zach Miller (SEA) – 24.5 YARDS

This is a similar bet to the Russell Wilson bet, where all we need is one big play to cash the bet. In this case, all we need is one big play, or a couple of decent receptions from Zach Miller to hit this bet. Wilson targeted Miller last week for a total of 3 receptions and 25 yards. I can see a few plays breaking down and Wilson connecting with Miller across the middle. At least 25-35 yards seems reasonable for Zach Miller in this matchup, so I’ll be on the OVER 24.5.

PICK: OVER 24.5 YARDS (-115)

#4 – Longest Reception – Eric Decker (DEN) – 19.5 YARDS

Eric Decker appears to be a receiver that will give you those short underneath routes that pick up 8-10 yards. However, he has developed into a deep threat for Peyton Manning. The Denver offense affords Decker plenty of plays where he stretches the field in an attempt to get behind the defense. We don’t even need that much to hit this play, though. A hitter across the middle could turn this into cash, a deep pass, or even a catch and run scenario can make it happen. I see the Broncos passing it quite frequently, so it should give us many opportunities to cash in.

PICK: OVER 19.5 YARDS (-120)

#5 – Total Receiving Yards – Demaryius Thomas (DEN) – 75.5 YARDS

It appears that Richard Sherman will be blanketing Demaryius Thomas. With so many options at Peyton Manning’s disposal, is even really going to try and test him? I am sure he will at least a little, but I expect the best corner in the game to have his way with Thomas. The 49ers had a host of capable receivers and I don’t think people are giving the Seahawks’ defense enough credit for shutting them down. Sherman made life miserable for Michael Crabtree, and after all this smack talk after the NFC Championship, I expect Sherman to back his talk up with a solid performance in the Super Bowl. He is one of the few in sports I feel comfortable backing after running his mouth. I’ll take the under on Thomas.

PICK: UNDER 75.5 YARDS (-120)