Sportsbook Promotion Code – Super Bowl Code is one of the world’s most popular online sports betting sites and they are offering new sign ups who follow the promo code instructions below an exclusive $250 Free Money bonus!

$250 Sportsbook Promotion Code Instructions:

Step 1) First of all you should know that you are going to have to start your registration over (it only takes 2 minutes and you are getting a free money bonus in exchange so who cares right?).  You will need to close your current registration tab and then click on this sportsbook bonus link which will take you to a new exclusive sign up form.

Step 2) Follow the instructions and enter your details.  When you are asked for the sportsbook promotion code you need to enter WIN250

Step 3) Continue on with your registration at following their instructions.  Make your deposit and you will receive 50% of the amount you win on your first wager, up to $250 FREE added to your account instantly.

It really is that easy, but you need to make sure you close out of your registration before starting at step 2.  The money is instnalty added to your account for betting on the Super Bowl!

This is the bonus link that will get you the $250 free

click on image for sportsbook promotion code bonus

More About is one of the most popular NFL and all around online sports betting sites.  They have been around for a number of years, and bettors love their experience at the site.  Not only can you bet on sports, but if you’re a fan you can play online poker or casino games with your account.

The Super Bowl is awesome at Sportsbook.  They literally have hundreds of things you can bet on, with some very interesting prop bets.  Not only can you bet on the famous Super Bowl coin toss, you can also bet on the national anthem, color of the gatorade poured on the winning coach, the time the gatorade is actually poured, if any player will do the Lambeau Leap in the Super Bowl, etc, etc.

Taking advantage of the promotion code is a must.  You will receive up to $250 free added to your account so there is absolutely no reason not to take advantage of the awesome Super Bowl bonus code.  Besides the free money they award, offers other great promotions such as their 5% reload bonus, daily fantasy sports, and $10k NBA survivor pool.  If you refer your friend to Sportsbook after you have made an account you will get a 25% bonus.

There are a few terms for the Sportsbook promotion code bonus, like all bonuses have.  You must deposit over $100 to receive your bonus money or else you will be resorted to the standard 10% bonus.  The bonus is applied to your first wager’s winnings, so make sure you make your first bet a big one ;).

Enjoy the promo code bonus!

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