Super Bowl 50 Prop Bets – Funny Props

For a lot of spectators, this is their favorite part of the Super Bowl. Even if you’re not betting on funny Super Bowl 50 props, just looking at the list of odd wagers can be quite humorous. It’s funny enough, but there are opportunities to win cash here on these bets. I have in the past, and plan to win more cash in Super Bowl 50 on some funny props. All of these bets are not offered at some sportsbooks, you will need to look around and find a book that offers these. The picks provided here are available at Bovada and Bodog. It used to be that the oddest bet offered on the Super Bowl was the color of Gatorade dumped on the winning coach. However, the sportsbooks have gotten more creative and opened up a whole gauntlet of interesting bets. Anything you can think of, you can pretty well bet on it. There are limits on most of these bets, but they are fun wagers to talk to your friends about. Who wouldn’t want to win money on what the color of Beyonces’ shoes are going to be at half-time? Below I have listed my top 5 favorite funny Super Bowl 50 prop bets.

Panthers vs. Broncos Super Bowl 50 Funny Prop Bets

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#1 – How many times will “dab” or “dabbing” be said by the announcers during the broadcast?

You aren’t going to handicap the announcer’s booth too often, but in the Super Bowl, it is possible. The basis of this funny prop bet is how many times will Jim Nantz and Phil Simms say “dab” or “dabbing”. For those unfamiliar with this term, it’s been made popular recently by Cam Newton. Newton has used it as a form of celebration. This isn’t to be confused with dabbing marijuana. My pick here is to do with the announcing team. Can you really see Nantz and Simms talk about dabbing more than once? Nantz and Simms are an older broadcast crew. They are in a way, old school, in their broadcasting style. If this were say Gus Johnson, the OVER would hit in the 1st quarter. Even if Newton is dabbing all over the field, I don’t see them mentioning it more than once. At a max, I think you will hear it only twice. I won last season on a similar bet, with regards to how many times the booth will mentioned Deflate Gate. It cashed with ease. For Super Bowl 50, I like the announcers to say “dab” or “dabbing” less than two times.

PICK: UNDER 2 (-140)

#2 – How long will it take Lady Gaga to sing the National Anthem (2:20)?

This is another OVER UNDER bet. Here, we need to guess if the National Anthem, sung by Lady Gaga, will go OVER or UNDER 2:30 minutes. This is one of the more common funny Super Bowl prop bets. To handicap for this bet, watching her previous National Anthem performances is needed. Her most recent rendition that has been available to the public, was three years ago during a Gay Pride rally. By my count, she came in around 2:15. I did take note of how long she was holding the notes. She was exaggerating and holding the notes considerably. I see Lady Gaga with a similar outing tonight at the Super Bowl. It has to be the UNDER for me. I wouldn’t lay too much on this, as you are at the mercy of the bookmaker on this kind of bet. Their count may be different than yours or mine.

PICK – UNDER 2:20 MINUTES (-200)

#3 – Will the announcer’s mention that Kubiak was Elway’s backup during the broadcast?

Yes, yes, yes. I haven’t been able to get through a broadcast of a Broncos game where the announcers haven’t mentioned that Gary Kubiak used to be the backup for John Elway. Kubiak is of course the head coach of the Broncos, and Elway is the General Manager. Kubiak was the backup to Elway in the Broncos last Super Bowl win with Elway at the controls. I envision it going something a little something like this: camera pans to Elway, camera pans to Kubiak, Phil Simms mentions that Kubiak used to be a backup for John Elway. You can see why they have limits on these type of bets, how easy would it be for Jim Nantz or Phil Simms to tell somebody to put big money on this bet? Pretty dang easy. In any event, I like this to be mentioned one time.

PICK: YES (-200)

#4 – How many times will Archie Manning be shown on TV during the broadcast?

This is what I see as a value bet. Seldom are you going to see all that much value with funny prop bets, some of them can be obvious and is reflected in the heavy price. However, I see this bet leaning to the side that isn’t juiced. The UNDER is set at -140 by the odds makers, with the OVER even. The way I see it, the cameras are going to show the Manning family early on in the game, this includes Eli Manning. Archie and Eli will be sitting together. And then, they are going to show him late in the contest, whether the Broncos are winning or losing. They are either going to show him for a look of despair, glee, or nervousness. All three will work. I like the cameras to show Archie twice.

PICK: OVER 1.5 (+100)

#5 – How many times will Cam Newton do the open shirt Superman pose during the game?

Because of Cam Newton’s new found celebration, dabbing in the end zone. The Superman celebration, where he pretends to rip his shirt open like Superman is old news. This is his signature celebration though, so I at least seeing him doing it once or twice. However, three times seems a little excessive to me. Further, the Superman pose is typically reserved for when he scores a rushing touchdown. Do we really expect Cam to score the ball three times on the ground? I certainly don’t. If they are blowing the Broncos out, I expect to see a Superman pose. Although, I don’t see where three is going to come from. With that, I like the UNDER. Lastly, remember these bets are just for fun, I normally wouldn’t lay this much juice, but let’s see what comes of these wagers!

PICK: UNDER 2.5 (-250)