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With the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers getting geared up for Super Bowl 45 so are millions of sports bettors around the world – new and experienced.  The Super Bowl is the biggest North American sports betting event each year, with betting done both in Las Vegas and at online sportsbooks.  Of course bettors can bet on the spread (Packers are 2.5 point favorites), but the Super Bowl is known for wacky bets you can place, such as the Super Bowl Coin Toss results – which I talk about in this article.

Yup, you can bet on the Coin Toss at the Super Bowl!  Of course with 50/50 odds there isn’t any “favorite” on the Super Bowl Coin Toss betting, and the sportsbooks have Heads and Tails listed at -110.  My favorite place to bet on the Super Bowl Coin Toss and other interesting props is  Not only can you bet on the coin being heads or tails for the Super Bowl, you can also bet on who wins the coin toss or if the player who call the coin toss it is right or wrong.

Where Do I Bet on The Super Bowl Coin Toss?

*All three sites gives odds for the Coin Toss

Favorite Sports Betting – If you are looking for an all around great sports betting site I would recommend you sign up at where you will get a special Super Bowl bonus of $250 FREE.  They offer a bet on the Coin Toss of course.

Most Super Bowl Coin Toss – If you want to bet on a variety of different crazy prop bets, including all coin toss bets you can sign up for who offer the most prop action.

Best Odds For Super – If you want to increase your odds of making a good profit betting on the Super Bowl you will want to do you betting at 5Dimes because of the great odds they offer.

Super Bowl Coin Toss Trends and Picks

One of the craziest Super Bowl trends is actually on the Coin Toss believe it or not.   The NFC has won 13 straight coin tosses coming into Super Bowl 45!  The odds of that happening are just above 1%, but remember this years results aren’t determined by past results, so the NFC’s chances again are 50%.  I am going to stick with what’s HOT and go with the NFC to win the Super Bowl 45 Coin Toss – You can bet on it at

The Heads has hit 3 of the last 4 Super Bowls, but that is following a streak of 8 of 9 Tails.  The two recent Super Bowl’s that the Steelers were involved had a split with one tail and one head. I placed my bet at on the TAILS.  Good Luck!


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