Super Bowl Commercials – Superbowl 45

The highlight for many during the Super Bowl is the commercials that come during each break in the action. No matter if you are a football fan, a Packers fan or a Steelers fan – you should sit back and enjoy this year’s Super Bowl commercials. The commercials are just 30 seconds in length, and are costing the businesses nearly $3 million per spot. Super Bowl commercials have been an emerging trend for up and coming companies for years now. We often wonder why some of the largest Sportsbooks haven’t jumped on the bandwagon and created their own Super Bowl commercial. It’s only a matter of time before giants such as or dive into the Super Bowl commercial game.

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According to a recent poll, 68% of Americans will watch the 2011 Super Bowl Commercials. In those 68%, over 45% of them will discuss the commercials online, at social networking sites such as Facebook or MySpace. Coca Cola, Anheuser-Busch,, Ford, Best Buy and E-Trade appear to be the leaders in Super Bowl commercials for this year. With all this chat about the commercials – doesn’t it seem like a great marketing plan for a Sportsbook to launch a commercial?

Also, 15 different films will have commercials during the Super Bowl. Some of the films featured during Super Bowl 45 will be: Kung Fu Panda, Transformers: Dark of the Moon and Justin Bieber’s newest movie. Experts say those movies that have a Super Bowl 45 commercial will see at least a 25% increase in viewers. Many have wondered if the $3 million spent on the commercials was worth it in the end, but certainly the workers have done the math and its well worth it.

In the history of Super Bowl Commercials, many stick out as “the best” or “one of the best”. Some of the favorites in the past include:

The Budweiser Frogs – in 1995, when the frogs chirped “Bud-Weis-Er”. This had people taking about it for months, even years. When discussing the beverage of choice many spoke in frog language.

Xerox Monks – back in 1977 was a crave for many. This showed the ability of the copy machine at this time. If shown today would certainly be out-dated, but during this day of age the commercial was a hit!

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Tabasco Mosquito – back in 1998, this was a simple commercial that had a mosquito trying to draw blood from a loving yokel.

McDonald’s Showdown – This is when two of basketball’s greatest go at it in a horse game. Defying logic, both players were making shots from all over the court. Hard to believe this was 18 years ago.

E-Trade Monkey – Back in 2000 when the nation started to understand what the online businesses did for the world. This commercial had two guys and a monkey dancing to Cha-Cha in their garage.

Coke Mean Joe Green – In 1979 this Coca Cola advertiser featured the Pittsburgh kid and Steelers fan. Many have talked about this commercial coming back out of hibernation and coming on for the 2011 Super Bowl. At this time it does not appear to be coming.

Apple – In 1984, before computers were the wave of the world, this commercial had a jogger throwing a sledgehammer into a rival, which at that time was IBM. If only the creators of this commercial could have known what would evolve in 2011!

The Super Bowl will take place Sunday February 6th, 2011. The two teams for the game are the Pittsburgh Steelers, out of the AFC and the Green Bay Packers, out of the NFC. The game will take place at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas. Green Bay is the favorite to win the game with a -2.5 spread. But even more importantly to some is there will surely be some memorable Super Bowl commercials played at every break in the action. Tune in Super Bowl Sunday for some more historic commercials.

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