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For all the big money that is being thrown around this weekend on the Packers or Steelers, the Over or Under, and all the props that go with it, part of the fun of the Super Bowl is the absolutely ridiculous props that bettors can place wagers on. Literally every single aspect of the Super Bowl is available to be bet on, as there is nothing that is off limits. The fun part about making bets on things that are completely irrelevant to the game itself is that even if it is a blowout, or a snoozefest, there are still other bets one can enjoy.

Updated for Super Bowl 47 (Ravens vs 49ers):

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Updated for Super Bowl 46 (Giants vs Patriots):

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For example, the national anthem itself has a couple of props on it: the over/under for how long it takes Christina Aguilera to sing the Star Spangled Banner is set at 1 minute and 54 seconds at -225. After some arduous and extensive Youtube research, it seems that Aguilera averages just about exactly 114 seconds to complete the song, but I’ll go out on a limb and take the over, as considering the grand stage she is on, I’d expect a performer like Aguilera to add a few extra “whoas” and “yeahs”, and try and sustain her notes for a few extra seconds. However, to hedge my bets, I think I’ll take the Under of 6 seconds on how long it takes her to sing the last word, ‘brave’, which is set at even money.

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One of the traditions of big football games is that the winning coach will get have the ceremonial ‘Gatorade shower’ as the game is winding down and victory is all but certain. The reaction of the coach can vary from happiness, to fury, to general indifference. One thing is for sure: you better be damn sure that there is no way your team can blow the lead before you dump that liquid on your coach. There are a couple of humorous props relating to this ritual, one of which being which side of the ball are the Gatorade dumpers on, the offense or defense. A player needs to have some level of job security before they go around dumping freezing cold liquids onto a coach, and I feel there is more of that on the offensive side of the ball. At (+165), let’s take the offense, although ultimately it comes down to who is on the sidelines and who is on the field, so there is certainly a fair amount of uncertainty as far as this prop goes. Unlike the national anthem length, of course.

Another prop asks if any player will do the Lambeau Leap. Even though this game is obviously not being played in Green Bay, I think the fact that the Packers are in it all but guarantees a Lambeau Leap. This works on two levels: Firstly, if a Packers player scores a touchdown, they are almost certain to celebrate the classic Green Bay win, provided there are some fans in Packers jerseys in the first couple rows. Conversely, it is very possible that a Steelers player scoring a touchdown may do a leap of his own, to mock the Packers and rile them up a little. The ‘Yes’ is at +110, and that seems like one of the more sure bets of all of these novelty props.

Finally, this prop points to how cliched many athletes victory speeches are. There is a prop asking who the MVP will thank first, with the following options: Coach (+900), Nobody (+300), Family (+400), God (even) or Teammates (+200). While it is likely that everything listed here gets mention in the MVP’s speech, I’ll lean towards the teammates getting the first thanks, as the MVP tries to retain some level of false modesty as the confetti dumps all over him. Click here to bet it.

Who cares about the actual game, all I care about is finding out if my bet that the Gatorade is yellow is indeed correct ;)

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