Washington Redskins Super Bowl Odds and Predictions with McNabb

The Washington Redskins will see a new quarterback and a new head coach in 2010 – 2011. The Redskins will still see their dreaded rivals Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants within the rugged NFC East. Washington has seen plenty of drama in the pre-season with defensive stud Albert Haynesworth holding out, and then missing time due not passing a conditioning test. Last season, Washington was one of the worst rushing teams in the game, with just 94.3 yards per game. Quarterback Jason Campbell, who will be replaced by Donovan McNabb, threw for 3600 yards and 20 touchdowns last season. Head Coach Mike Shanahan has been known to use the running game early and often, therefore they want to see Clinton Portis with 100% health to start the year.

The Redskins will start the season with a divisional game against the Dallas Cowboys on September 12th. Other divisional games include; at Philadelphia (Oct. 3), w/Philadelphia (Nov. 15), @ New York (Dec. 5), @ Dallas (Dec. 19), w/ New York (Jan. 2). The rest of the schedule for Washington includes: w/ Houston, @ St. Louis, w/ Indianapolis, @ Chicago, @ Detroit, @ Tennessee, w/ Minnesota, w/ Tampa Bay, @ Jacksonville. is offering $250 in FREE BETS – Click Here To Learn More

Washington Redskins Super Bowl Odds

Of course, Washington will have a difficult task, despite bringing in excellent head coach Mike Shanahan. In the pre-season, Washington has been listed with much better odds than they started with last season with. Donovan McNabb is a big difference maker for this team. The Redskins come into this season with the odds set at +1200 to win the NFC this season. These odds are tied with divisional rival Philadelphia, and behind both the Cowboys and the Giants; from just within the NFC East.

To win the Super Bowl, the Redskins certainly are a long shot. In fact, according to, the Redskins are right near the middle when it comes to who can win the 2010 – 2011 Super Bowl. The official betting odds for the Washington Redskins to win the Super Bowl are set at +2500.

Washington Redskins 2010/2011 Predictions

Washington will be better this year under Mike Shanahan then they were last year under Jim Zorn. The Redskins will also win a few more games this season under quarterback Donovan McNabb than they did last year under Jason Campbell. That improvement will not be enough though, as the Redskins are not able to win the NFC nor the Super Bowl.

McNabb comes up short once again and will have the Washington Redskins on the outside looking in for 2011.

Redskins Super Bowl Odds

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