+50000 Longshot Esteban Ocon Wins Chaotic Hungarian Grand Prix

Esteban Ocon F1 Win

  • Esteban Ocon wins his first F1 race at the Hungarian Grand Prix last Sunday.
  • Pole-sitter Lewis Hamilton crossed the finish line third but was promoted to 2nd place after Sebastian Vettel was disqualified.
  • Hamilton is the betting favorite to win the next race in Belgium and is also the new odds on favorite to win the Drivers Championship.

Formula One races in the V6 turbo era have been easy to predict. However the races that aren’t straightforward are ones that nobody could have seen coming.

Sunday’s Hungarian Grand Prix at the Hungaroring was far from being a straightforward race and the odds for that race back the fact that nobody expected the results.

Ocon Takes His First-Ever Win

The wins was the first in Ocon’s Formula One career and it came in astonishing fashion. Most of the best F1 betting sites listed him as a 500-1 or +50000 to win the race. In terms of win probability, that’s equivalent to a miniscule 0.2% to win the race. But after the red flag triggered by the first lap pile-up that cost five cars, Ocon seized the moment.

Lewis Hamilton pitted one lap after the restart, leaving Ocon a lead he would not relinquish. The 24-year old Frenchman turned his early lead in to the drive of his life. Vettel chased him all the way to the flag but could only manage 2nd place before he was disqualified. Hamilton, who started from pole, passed Carlos Sainz and Fernando Alonso , to finish in third and complete the podium.

Hamilton was later promoted to 2nd place after Vettel’s car did not have enough fuel to offer a sample to the FIA after the race In order to check the legality of fuel used by team. Under FIA rules, cars must have at least 1 liter sample from the tank after the race. However, the officials were only able to extract 0.3 liters from Vettel’s Aston Matin, causing the disqualification.

Hamilton Bumped Up to Second

With Vettel disqualified, Hamilton was bumped up to second place. That meant that instead of getting only fifteen points for third place, the seven-time wold champion earned 18 points. Since series leader Max Verstappen finished in 10th place and earned just 2 points, Hamilton reclaimed the overall lead in the Drivers Standings with 185 total points against Verstappen’s 177.

Verstappen had taken a 32-point lead over Hamilton with consecutive wins in France and the two races at the Red Bull Ring. After winning the back-to-back Austrian races, Verstappen looked like he was ready to pull away and distance himself from the pack ,Hamilton included. Instead, Hamilton has seemingly doused the fire and is back on top.

Hamilton and Verstappen are both listed with the shortest odds to win the Belgian Grand Prix at +100 via Bet365. However, Hamilton has won the race thrice in the last six years, including last season. The 7-time world champion is also the new odds-on-favorite to win a record-setting 8th Formula One world title at -138. Verstappen has dropped to second in the championship oddsboard at +100 with their teammates Valtteri Bottas and Sergio Perez tied for third at +20000.

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