Amateur Golfer Defies Long Odds with Two Holes-in-One in Same Round

golf hole in one

  • Amateur golfer aced 2 holes during same round in Daytona Beach
  • Odds of an amateur bagging 2 holes-in-one during same around are roughly 67,000,000-to-1
  • Another golfer near Daytona Beach did the same last February

Gary Choyka, an amateur golfer in Daytona Beach, Florida, accomplished quite the rare feat over the weekend. While playing a round at the LPGA’s Jones Course in Daytona Beach, Choyka bagged 2 holes-in-one.

That may not sound like an incredible accomplishment if you’re a novice when it comes to golf, but the odds tell quite a different story. Choyka aced the par-3 third hole just a couple of hours before doing the same on the par-3 14th.

Impossibly Long Odds

Odds of an amateur golfer of scoring even one hole-in-one during a round of golf are approximately 12,500-to-1. Netting a second hole-in-one during the exact same round are an astronomical 67 million-to-1.

Odds of a professional golfer attaining a hole-in-1 are about 10 times better than the odds of an amateur. During the decades-long existence of the PGA Tour, a pro has scored 2 holes-in-one during the same round just 3 times ever. The last to do so was Brian Harman back in 2015.

While it is a remarkably rare feat, this is actually the second such instance to take place in the Daytona Beach area within the past year. Last February, amateur Jerry Bass of bagged a pair of holes-in-one during his round at the Crane Lakes Golf Club in Port Orange, Florida.

Choyka’s Once-in-a-Lifetime Thrill

After news of the accomplishment was made public, Choyka said, “They all said I should go play the lottery.” He added, “You talk about experiences in golf. It has to be one of the best.”

Both of Choyka’s aces were achieved using the same 7-iron. He had to hit the first hole-in-one 152 yards through the air with wind blowing toward the tee. The second was hit in the opposite direction from 162 yards away.

The 67-year-old said, “I hit both shots well.” That seems like quite the understatement.

The Philadelphia native, who is retired from his job as a school teacher and basketball coach, says he carries a 10.5 handicap on the golf course. He said that two of his playing partners hit their tee shots to within 18 inches of the cup on the third hole.

He added, “The first one looked like it was going in. And the second one, too – we were saying, ‘Go in, go in.’ Then I get up and hit and it goes in. Amazing.”

Not the First Time

Last April, Choyka said that he watched Tammie Green, a pro on the LPGA Tour, ace the very same hole during her round. Ironically, Green was among the group playing with Choyka when he did the same over the weekend.

Choyka said that the first hole-in-one wound up messing with his adrenaline on the subsequent holes. He double-bogeyed the fourth hole and played to a 7-over par on the next 6 holes.

He said that his shot on No. 3 was able to catch a left-to-right slope and track gracefully toward the cup. The shot on No. 14 was a different story. Because of the glare of the sun, Choyka and the rest of the group were unable to follow the ball’s entire flight path. He said that he knew he hit the ball well and figured it was close, but never in his wildest dreams did he imagine he would be picking the ball up out of the cup after an ace for the second time on the same day.

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