Anderson Silva and Chavez Jr. are Set to Box This June

Anderson Silva Vs Chavez Junior Boxing

  • Anderson Silva ended his MMA career after a fourth-round TKO loss to Urijah Hall last October. 
  • “The Spider” has just revealed that he will be boxing Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. 
  • Anderson Silva and Chavez Jr. are scheduled to compete on June 19 in Guadalajara, Mexico. 

Back in October of 2020, Anderson Silva took part in his final UFC fight. It was an unceremonious ending to one of the greatest MMA careers of all-time. That doesn’t mean that Silva’s fighting career is done, though. New reports have confirmed that he’ll be taking on Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. in his next bout. Anderson Silva and Chavez Jr. are now confirmed to fight on June 19.

It’s an unusual fight and one that almost no one saw coming. Today, we’ll talk about the details of this matchup. We will also talk about how each of these men stacks up against one another.

Let’s get into it!

Looking Back at Anderson Silva’s MMA Career

New fans of MMA never got to experience the magic of seeing Anderson Silva fight live during his prime. It was truly something to behold. Using expert striking and high-level jiu-jitsu, the Brazilian middleweight champion became one of the most successful champions of all-time.

Silva entered the UFC in October of 2006. Some might be surprised to find out he already had a hugely successful career before that point. He made an immediate impact in the UFC by scoring a brutal first-round knockout over Chris Leben.

Immediately afterward, Silva was booked against Rich Franklin for the middleweight title. He quickly won the title by knocking out Franklin in round one. This win proved that he is a truly special athlete in the sport.

Over the next six years, Silva went on one of the most legendary runs in MMA. He scored knockout after knockout over elite fighters like Vitor Belfort, Forrest Griffin, and Chael Sonnen. There were some that felt he simply couldn’t be beaten in the cage.

In 2013, Silva was finally beaten by Chris Weidman. He lost in a rematch six months later. He then went 1-5-1 over the next few years and had one final fight against Urijah Hall in October of last year. He was defeated soundly in that bout and UFC President Dana White confirmed that his career in the promotion was over.

Silva doesn’t plan to retire from the fight game. Reports are now surfacing that he’ll soon be stepping into the combat sports world again.

Anderson Silva and Chavez Jr. are Set to Box on June 19

MMA fans are likely well-aware of Anderson Silva. He had a fantastic career and is considered a true legend of the sport. Fans of MMA may not be familiar with Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., though.

Chavez Jr. is, of course, the son of one of the most legendary boxers to ever compete. Trying to live up to that expectation was almost going to be impossible. At times, though, fans have been disappointed with Julio’s performances inside the ring.

These two men have now agreed to fight. Reports have officially confirmed that Anderson Silva and Chavez Jr. are officially going to box on June 19. Silva confirmed this news during a media interview with TMZ earlier this week.

“When I look back at my journey, I see that nothing has been in vain,” he said. “I am extremely happy for the opportunity to test my boxing skills with Julio César Chávez Jr. I train continuously, always striving for resilience and to overcome obstacles. Fighting is my everlasting breath.”

This is one of the more unusual matchups to take place in boxing recently. Silva is 45 years old; ten years the elder of Chavez Jr. He hasn’t competed as a professional boxer since 2005 and many are curious to see how he can fare in the ring against a veteran of the game.

As some are pointing out, this isn’t the strangest fight of 2020. That title belongs to the upcoming matchup between Jake Paul and Ben Askren.

Paul vs. Askren is Just a Few Weeks Away

MMA vs. boxing matchups have always been popular with fans. Each sport has massive followings and many have enjoyed watching fights featuring athletes from these different sports. Lately, there’s been a major increase in the number of these bouts.

Anderson Silva and Chavez Jr. will continue that trend in June. On April 17, Jake Paul and Ben Askren will also be taking part in one of these types of bouts. Paul considers himself a boxer and will be taking on a former multiple-promotion MMA champion in this fight.

There is some serious hype leading up to this bout. Many fans are heading over to BetOnline to put their money on all the action. This site is offering great odds for each man and even some fun prop bets on what might unfold on fight night.

Paul enters the fight as the -135 favorite. He seems to be training hard and is now 2-0 as a boxer. He’s never faced off against someone with real combat sports experience, however, and some question how he’ll fare if dragged into deep water.

Ben Askren’s toughness cannot be questioned. He was never known to be a striker during his MMA career, though. That seems to be what has led to his odds as the +105 underdog. Ben plans to make this an ugly fight and a growing number of fans feel he is ready to pull off the upset.

Which boxing match are you looking forward to the most this year? Let us know in the comments section below!

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