Bernie Commits to Campaigning Through April, Hoping for Another Debate

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  • Despite calls from DNC establishment leaders to drop out, the Bernie Sanders campaign has committed to staying in the primaries, at least through the New York primary on April 28.
  • The coronavirus pandemic has dramatically altered the state of the primaries, as have rumors of Joe Biden’s rapidly declining cognitive health.
  • By remaining the race, Sanders is forcing the Democratic Party to hold their last scheduled debate, giving him one last chance to face off with Biden in front of the American electorate.
Candidate To Win DNC Nomination
Joe Biden -1100
Hillary Clinton +1400
Bernie Sanders +2000
Andrew Cuomo +3000
Michelle Obama +3000
  • Odds from Bovada as of 3/24

Bernie Sanders may be down on the scorecards, but he refuses to throw in the towel. On Tuesday, the Sanders campaign informed reporters that the Vermont Senator is staying in the Democratic primaries through the month of April and plans to participate in another live debate if the DNC is willing to schedule one.

This news will undoubtedly enrage the moderate wing of the party, which has been loudly encouraging Bernie to withdraw from the race for over a month now. Establishment Dems are desperate to wrap this contest up quickly so they may hide Biden away until the convention, and most likely replace the ailing aged candidate with a donor-friendly centrist of their choosing in Milwaukee this July.

Sen. Sanders, on the other hand, sees an opportunity to flip the script on these primaries with the coronavirus drastically changing the landscape of the race. The longer the pandemic rages on, and with more Americans experiencing increased economic anxiety with each passing day under lockdown, Bernie’s Democratic Socialist platform is winning over supporters.

The Sanders campaign has been holding a series of online virtual events that have become extremely popular and made the Senator out to be a voice of reason during this crisis. Meanwhile, his frontrunning opponent has largely been MIA as his team appears to be hiding the sundowning former VP from the public eye as much as possible.

Bernie Wins Democrats Abroad Primary

Most states’ electoral contests have been delayed until April 28 or later due to the coronavirus outbreak, but Bernie’s campaign got a small boost on Monday, March 23, by winning the Democrats Abroad primary.

From March 3 through March 10, registered Democrats living in over 40 different countries around the world participated in their own primary while there were numerous voting locations set up overseas, most of the American citizens living abroad utilized mail-in ballots, which were responsible for the delay in tallying the results.

Sanders won over 58% of the 40,000 votes cast abroad, netting him nine delegates. Biden only received 23%, for which he’ll earn four delegates of his own.

While the delegate haul isn’t enough to close the gap between himself and Joe Biden, the Democrats Abroad primary was a vital victory for Bernie’s campaign. Since Super Tuesday, he’s experienced a series of disappointing losses – this win could shift momentum somewhat.

Bernie won this primary by a large margin in 2016 as well. Many believe this is because Americans who live overseas and experience their superior, more accessible/affordable healthcare systems and improved social safety nets see the value in Sanders’s proposals.

It makes one wonder; if the coronavirus continues to leave US citizens without jobs and adequate healthcare, will the “socialist” label lose its negative connotation here as well?

Biden’s Race Against Time

By staying in the race, Bernie Sanders forces Joe Biden to continue campaigning, despite his sizable lead. If you’ve seen the state of the former VP lately, you probably understand why merely sticking around means the nomination is still within reach for the Senator.

After disappearing out of the public eye for nearly a week, Biden promised to be more active online starting on Monday, and so far, he’s delivered. Unfortunately, with each broadcast he does, he’s showing more cognitive decline.

I don’t feel comfortable saying what I think is wrong with Biden, but he’s clearly not the same guy. Watch any interview from even four years ago and it’s a totally different person. Today, he’s struggling to string together coherent sentences.

Much to the chagrin of his supporters, Bernie Sanders is never going to aggressively attack Joe. They’ve been friends for decades, and Bernie clearly feels bad for him. However, he might not have to. Staying in the primaries alone forces Joe to maintain a public presence.

With each additional minute that he’s exposed on TV, the likelihood of voters realizing that he’s unelectable increases. There’s only so much the media can do to cover up for the former Delaware Senator at this point.

One More Debate

On April 28, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, New York, and Pennsylvania are all scheduled to hold their state primaries. Whether or not they’ll happen or be delayed until June like some of the others is yet to be seen.

Either way, Bernie Sanders wants one more opportunity to debate his longtime friend on live primetime television in hopes of sweeping the final states for a come-from-behind primaries victory. The longer this contest drags on, the better it is for Sanders.

Biden is still a heavy favorite, and the media has shown an incredible ability to hide his flaws from older voters who may not see all of his gaffes and embarrassing “senior moments” that are widely shared online. That said, this race isn’t over until a nominee is chosen at the convention.

Between the pandemic and Biden’s struggles, anything can happen between now and June. First, Bernie will have to dominate the month of April to give himself a chance.
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