Bills Not Just Super Bowl Favorites But Also Most Popular Super Bowl Bet

Buffalo Bills Super Bowl Odds To Win

  • The Buffalo Bills are not just the odds-on favorite to win Super Bowl LVI but are also the most popular bet to win the Lombardi Trophy.
  • Buffalo’s opening odds of +750 has even shortened to +650 in the latest betting boards.
  • The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have gone from +2500 to +750 since Tom Brady announced that he was coming back to play this coming season.

2022 could be the year when the Buffalo Bills finally win the Super Bowl, if you listen to the oddsmakers.

The Bills opened as the odds on favorite to win the 2022 AFC Championship. Quarterback Josh Allen is also the current odds-on favorite to win the 2022 NFL MVP award, and of course, the Bills are also the current Super Bowl LVII favorites.

But not only are the Bills the current Super Bowl favorites, but they are also the most popular bet to win the Lombardi Trophy with 12% of the tickets and 17% of the betting handle.

Bills are Super Bowl LVII Favorites

The Bills opened as +750 co-favorites with the Kansa City Chiefs to win Super Bowl LVII with the defending champions Rams chasing them at +1100 and the Cincinnati Bengals and Dallas Cowboys next at +1200 odds. But after the free agency movement and the 2022 NFL Draft, the odds boards were shaken up.

Kansas City fell to +900, Dallas dropped to +1600, Cincinnati went to +2000, Tennessee faded from +2200 to +3000, and the Seattle Seahawks plummeted to +15000 from +4000. Meanwhile, the Miami Dolphins went from +5000 to +3000, the Chargers from +2500 to +1600, and the Packers from +1600 to +1200. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers went from +2500 to +750, the second shortest current Super Bowl odds.

Buffalo too, saw their odds shorten despite already having the shortest opening odds. The Bills have gone from +750 to a current +650 at BetMGM, Caesars Sportsbook, and the BetOnline App. Buffalo is even listed at a shorter +600 odds via the DK Sportsbook and Unibet. Their longest odds are at +700 at PointsBet USA where they are tied with the Bucs for the top spot.

Are the Denver Broncos Super Bowl Contenders With Russell Wilson?

The answer to the question above is yes if you take a look at the early betting results from BetMGM. According to the said sportsbook, the Broncos are next to the Bills as the most popular bet to win Super Bowl LVII. Denver has the second-most percentage of the total betting tickets with 11% and they are next only to the Bills in betting handle with 12%.

Likewise, the Buccaneers are now considered Super Bowl contenders with Tom Brady unretiring to play for at least one more season. Tampa Bay opened a +2500 odds but now has the second-best odds at +750. They currently have 8.2% of the total betting slips issued and 8.3% of the total money wagered for the early Super Bowl LVII betting market.

The Los Angeles Chargers have the third-highest betting handle at 9% and have 7.6% of the total betting tickets. The Packers are also in the early mix with 6.4% of the bets and 6.7% of the dollars. Meanwhile, the defending Super Bowl champions Rams have 6.1% of the tickets and 51% of the handle. The Rams opened with +1100 odds to win it all again this season and are still listed at the same price.

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