Boston Celtics Sign Dennis Schroder But Their Title Odds Stay at +4000

Dennis Schroder With Boston Celtics Background\

  • The Boston Celtics signed Dennis Schroder to a one-year deal worth $5.89M.
  • Schroder turned down a four-year $84M contract from the Lakers because he believed he was worth $120M.
  • Boston has the 13th best odds to win the 2022 NBA Championship at +4000 at the BetOnline App.

The Boston Celtics have found their Kemba Walker replacement in Dennis Schroder.

Boston and the free agent guard have agreed on a one-year contract worth the $5.89M mid-level exception.

However, Schroder’s addition didn’t have any impact on the Celtics’ championship odds.

The Celtics entered Tuesday with the 13th best odds to win the 2022 NBA title at +4000 at the BetOnline App. The opened Wednesday with the same odds at the same online sportsbook.

Five Eastern Conference teams still have shorter odds that Boston to win the 2022 Larry O’Brien trophy and the Celtics are still 6th in the Eastern Conference Odds boards recently posted by Bovada and FanDuel at +2200 and +2000, respectively. If the oddsmakers are correct, then Boston will be a middling to lower echelon playoff team next season.

Celtics Lost Over 100 Games to Injury

The Celtics are coming off a season where they lost over 100 player games due to injury and finished the regular season as the 7th seed in the Eastern Conference. Boston had to go through the play-in tournament just to make the playoffs for the 7th consecutive campaign.

Boston traded Kemba Walker last June,acquiring Al Horford and Josh Richardson in the process. But when the best NBA betting sites released the 2020 NBA championship odds in late July, the Celtics found themselves with longer odds than the upstart Atlanta Hawks who reached the 2021 Eastern Conference Finals. Atlanta still has shorter championship odds than the Celtics as of Tuesday at +3500. A new season with a healthy team could mean a different story.

Trading Walker was the first big move that Brad Stevens made since moving to the Celtics’ front office. However, it did make the same buzz as the subsequent Kyle Lowry trade of Miami and the DeMar DeRozan sign-and-trade which Chicago consummated in free agency. Miami moved from 40-1 to 28-1 while the Bulls improved from 80-1 to 50-1.

Schroder Turned Down an $84M Offer From the Lakers

Schroder is an example of a player betting on himself in free agency and losing that wager. The Los Angeles Lakers offered him a four-year $84M extension during the middle part of the 2020-21 NBA regular season. He turned it down, believing that he was worth around $120M. Schroder nearly ended up without an offer and a team. Thank goodness for the Celtics.

The 27-year old had an up and down regular season with the Lakers and struggled mightily during their first round playoff loss. The Lakers moved on from Schroder and traded for Russell Westbrook at the start of free agency. Los Angeles moved from second inthe BetOnline championship oddsboard to a co-betting favorite with the Nets at +300.

It remains to be seen what tricks Brad Stevens has under his sleeve to improve the talent around Jayston Tatum, Jaylen Brown, and Marcus Smart. Tatum has Top 15 MVP odds at +2800 while Brown is a longshot +15000 to win the Maurice Podoloff trophy but as we saw last season, the two All-Stars need more help. Schroder should be able to replace Walker and he should be able to contribute. However, it’s unlikely that he will be a needle-mover for Boston.

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