Bucs’ Bettors Suffer Bad Beats in Their Week 6 Game Versus the Eagles

Tom Brady With Tampa Bay Buccaneers Background

  • The Eagles’ two-point conversion in the 4th quarter enabled them to cover the 6.5 or 8 point betting spread against the Bucs.
  • Tampa Bay still had a chance to score in the final two minutes when they reached the Eagles’ six-yard line but they decided to kneel down at fist and goal.
  • Tom Brady is now 0-11 ATS in his last 10 prime time games.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers earned their 5th win of the season on Thursday night, defeating the Philadelphia Eagles 28-22.

But while the Bucs won outright, Tampa Bay bettors suffered big losses across the different betting markets due to bad beats. Not only did the Eagles succeed in a back-breaking two-point conversion but the Bucs also decided to kneel down at the Eagles’ goal line during the final two minutes of the game.

Bucs -6.5 was a Bad Beat

Tampa Bay looked well on its way to covering the spread when Leonard Fournette rushed for his second TD of the game to give the Bucs a 28-7 lead over the Eagles early in the third quarter. Jalen Hurts scored his first rush TD to cut the lead to 28-14.

But with nine minutes left in the fourth quarter of the game, the Bucs went for the kill as they decided to go for 4th and 3 while up 28-14. However, Tom Brady’s pass for O.J. Howard went incomplete and Tampa Bay gave the Eagles back the ball at their own 46-yard line.

Philly then proceeded to drive the ball 54 yards with Jalen Hurts rushing for his second touchdown of the day to cut the lead to 28-20. At that point, Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni elected to go for the two-point conversion. That proved to be the right call as Hurts would complete a pass to wide receiver Quez Watkins to make it a six-point game. The Bucs @ -6.5 points was a bad beat and Tom Brady “improved” to 0-11 ATS in his last 10 primetime games played.

Brady Over/Under 1.5 Rushing Yards Was Also a Bad Beat

But there was still more than enough time for the Bucs to score again. Brady had the Bucs marched down to the Philadelphia six-yard line when the two-minute warning hit. But because the Eagles no longer had any timeouts and Brady ran a QB sneak to get first and goal, Tampa Bay simply took the kneel for the win. But the Spread Bet wasn’t the only bad beat on this Thursday Night Football showcase.

Tom Brady’s over/under rushing yards was set at 1.5 yards. Brady already rushed for three yards prior to the Bucs’ final drive. However, he lost one yard each on two of the three kneels in that drive to finish the game with one rushing yard. Another bad beat. The worse thing here was that 95% of the bets at BetMGM for this prop bet were on the OVER.

With the Bucs at the goal line, it wouldn’t have been impossible for them to score a touchdown on that final drive. Tampa Bay’s Red Zone Scoring Percentage (TD only ) is 64.29% this season which means they did have a decent chance of scoring on that final possession if they wanted to. But they didn’t. Thus, the OVER 53 points was another bad beat. At BetMGM, this meant 68% of the total betting slips and 78% of the total betting money.

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