Cavs, Spurs Shine in First Quarter and First Half ATS Betting Report

Rockets Wizards Cavs Spurs Mavs OKC And Clippers

  • The Cleveland Cavaliers are 27-10 in first half ATS betting, including a 15-4 first half ATS record at home entering Tuesday’s games.
  • San Antonio is the second-best first quarter ATS team in the NBA at 24-11 ATS and the Spurs are a league-best 13-4 in first quarter ATS at home this season.
  • The Clippers are 1-8 ATS in their last nine games when it comes to first quarter ATS while the Rockets are 1-7 ATS in their last 8 games as far as the first half ATS is concerned.

Betting on the game spread is a common thing in NBA betting. But the best NBA betting sites have even made ATS betting even more exciting by adding the first quarter (1Q) and first half (1H) ATS betting markets.

In recent seasons, betting on the first quarter and first half ATS has received a good reception from the betting public and that trend has continued this season.

Sports betting analyst Joe Osbourne recently compiled the first quarter and first half ATS stats of all the teams in the NBA and came up with notable trends that could be used as a good guide in making ATS bets.

Longest NBA ATS Streak

Last month, the Cavs went on a 14-game ATS winning streak, the longest in the NBA this season and the second-longest ATS streak ever in the history of NBA betting. That streak ended with a 10-point loss to the Boston Celtics at +6.5 point underdogs last December 22nd in a game where the Cavs were without 8 players, including three starters due to COVID-19 protocols.

Since then, Cleveland has struggled with COVID-19 absences and the season-ending injury to Ricky Rubio. They are just 2-3 SU and 1-4 ATS in five games after that loss to Boston with the Cavs still playing the Memphis Grizzlies as of this writing. Still, the Cavs not only have the best overall ATS record in the NBA at 25-10-2 or 71.4%, but they are also the best first-half ATS team and first-quarter ATS team in the league this season.

The Cavs are 27-10 ATS in first half ATS betting, including an impressive 15-4 first half ATS record at home this season. Entering Tuesday’s game against Memphis, Cleveland had a 7-3 first-half ATS record in their last 10 games played. The Cavs are also a league-best 26-11 in first-quarter ATS, including an eye-popping 16-2 first-quarter ATS record on the road.

Spurs Playing Well for a Month

Since that tweet above, the wheels have fallen off the San Antonio Spurs as they have lost four in a row including Tuesday’s 129-104 blowout loss to the Raptors. Still, San Antonio is the second-best first-quarter ATS team behind the Cavs at 24-11 and is a league-best 13-4 first-quarter ATS entering Tuesday’s schedule. The Spurs also have a notable 12-5-1 first-half ATS record on the road this season.

Other than the notable 1Q and 1H ATS trends for the Cavs and Spurs, the OKC Thunder are 10-2-1 in first-quarter ATS in their last 13 home games but are just 1-10 in first-quarter ATS in their last 11 games away from home. The L.A. Clippers meanwhile are a team to stay away from in 1Q ATS when playing at Staples Center. The Clippers are just 1-8 in 1Q ATS in their last nine home games.

As far as first-half ATS is concerned, the Thunder are the hottest team right now at 8-2 1H ATS in their last 10 games while the Dallas Mavericks are 7-1 1H ATS in their last eight games played. On the other hand, the Houston Rockets are just 1-7 in 1H ATS in their last eight games played while the Washington Wizards are an even worse 5-17-1 1H ATS in their last 23 games played.

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