Coach Hints at Booking Diaz vs. McGregor Third Fight This Year

Cesar Gracie With Nate Diaz And Demian Maia

  • Nate Diaz recently competed with Leon Edwards in a thrilling five-round welterweight fight.
  • Coach Cesar Gracie claims he is interested in seeing the Diaz vs. McGregor third fight this year. 
  • McGregor is scheduled to fight Dustin Poirier for a third time this July. 

Nate Diaz proved he remains one of the UFC’s biggest stars last weekend by going five hard rounds with welterweight contender, Leon Edwards. He lost that bout, but won over the crowd with his incredible rally in the fifth round. This week, coach Cesar Gracie spoke to the media and claimed he is most interested in seeing the Diaz vs. McGregor third fight next.

A huge number of fans are hopeful this is the fight that gets made, as well. Nate and Conor put on two of the most memorable fights in UFC history in 2016. Today, we’ll talk about what needs to be done for this fight to come together.

Let’s get into it!

Nate Diaz Proves He is Still One of the UFC’s True Superstars

The UFC is widely considered to be the biggest combat sports promotion in the world. Over the past few decades, this company has turned some of its fighters into legitimate superstars. That is certainly the case with Nate Diaz, who showed once again why he is so beloved last weekend.

Diaz stepped into the cage against Leon Edwards at UFC 263. Many were surprised to see that Nate agreed to this matchup. He hadn’t fought since his “BMF” title fight with Jorge Masvidal in 2019 and Edwards is one of the scariest fighters at 170 pounds.

The ring-rust showed early on in the fight as Leon hammered Diaz with leg kicks and hard punches. Nate had a few good moments, yet it appeared that Leon was on his way to a clean five-round sweep over the Stockton slapper. Then, in the fifth round, Nate Diaz landed a 3-2 combination that badly rocked Leon.

Nate swarmed him but was unable to finish the fight before the final bell. Still, this brief moment of success had the crowd and fans watching at home on their feet. Even after the fight ended, there was a feeling that it was Nate who emerged as the winner.

UFC President Dana White went on to praise Nate for his durability. He recognizes that Diaz is a true superstar and seems curious to hear who he will want to fight next. There are plenty of exciting options for him on the table.

Several fighters have publicly challenged Diaz to a fight in the cage. One name, in particular, is standing out to Nate and his entire team. Here’s what you need to know.

Expect to See the Diaz vs. McGregor Third Fight This Year

Nate Diaz made his UFC debut back in 2007. He remained a big name in the promotion for many years but never seemed to break into true superstardom. That changed after his first bout against Conor McGregor in early 2016.

Diaz famously stepped into that fight on short notice after Conor’s fight with Rafael Dos Anjos fell apart. The vast majority of online sports betting sites listed Nate as a massive underdog to get the win over then-featherweight champion, McGregor. Incredibly, Nate ended up rocking the Irishman on the feet before scoring a submission in the second round.

This win turned Nate from a notable figure in the sport to a true superstar. He rematched Conor McGregor five months later and these two men put on one of the best fights in UFC history. McGregor was declared the winner in that fight, making it 1-1 between them.

Cesar Gracie, Nate Diaz’s longtime coach, claims he wants to see the Diaz vs. McGregor third fight later this year. He brushed aside jiu-jitsu specialist Demian Maia’s callout and claims that isn’t a fight that will excite Nate. You can check out his comments below!

“I know there has been speculation on whether Nate will accept the fight with Demian Maia,” Gracie said. “Although I have not yet talked to Nate about his thoughts on this fight, I can tell you that I am completely against the idea. Demian has been a great representative of Brazilian jiu-jitsu on the mat and in MMA. He has accomplished much and we all respect him. He is still a dangerous opponent but I don’t feel Nate has anything to gain from this fight… I would think the trilogy versus [Conor] McGregor. I know that Nate wants tough fights. He is motivated by fighting the best guys.”

Of course, Conor McGregor is scheduled to fight against Dustin Poirier next month. Depending on how that fight plays out, this matchup against Nate Diaz could end up coming together.

Now is the Perfect Time to Bet on McGregor vs. Poirier 3!

Conor McGregor is no stranger to rematches. This past January, he stepped into the cage against Dustin Poirier for the second time. Most felt he would score a win and move on to a lightweight title fight against Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Poirier had other plans, scoring a second-round knockout over Conor after chipping away at his legs with calf kicks. This victory shook up the lightweight division and left UFC officials wondering what to do next. Eventually, the trilogy fight between Conor and Poirier was booked to take place on July 10.

A growing number of fans are now heading over to BetOnline to make their bets on how this fight plays out. At the moment, Conor McGregor is listed as the -112 favorite. Poirier is listed as the slight -108 underdog.

If Conor loses this fight, there is a good chance the UFC decides to book the Diaz vs. McGregor third fight. If he wins, Conor may decide to jump directly into a title fight at lightweight. There is even a chance that he decides to fight Diaz again even with a victory over Poirier this July.

This would likely be one of the biggest fights in UFC history. Diaz and McGregor are two of the biggest stars in the sport of MMA right now. A trilogy fight between these men would draw in fan interest from around the world.

Do you think we’ll see the Diaz vs. McGregor third fight this year? Who do you think would win? Let us know in the comments section below!

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