Conor McGregor Not Saying No to Jake Paul Fight

Conor McGregor And Jake Paul With Airplane Stunt

  • Conor McGregor says a Jake Paul fight is “not on the radar at the minute.”
  • McGregor is fighting Dustin Poirier this weekend at UFC 257 in Abu Dhabi.
  • Jake Paul is scheduled to fight on April 17th in a Triller PPV event.

Conor McGregor isn’t shutting down the possibility of a Jake Paul fight.

The UFC’s former double-champion has been mum about Jake Paul’s call out. Paul has gone out as far as offering him a $50M check for a boxing match but the Irishman has avoided the issue, until now.

In a recent interview with BT Sport, McGregor finally talked about the brash YouTuber. And although he called Jake Paul a “confused little kid” and said that a fight against Paul is “not on the radar at the minute”, the Notorious didn’t say no, meaning that he isn’t closing his door on the possibility.

The Conor Call Outs

Paul started calling out McGregor an other popular MMA personalities like Ben Askren and Nate Diaz after his sensational knockout of former NBA slam dunk king Nate Robinson at the undercard of Tyson vs Jones last November. At first, it appeared like Jake Paul would end up fighting Askren after Funky Ben was the only one who answered his call.

But Paul continued to call out McGregor and has become creative, and maybe even desperate with it. Last month, he dangled a “$50M” offer to McGregor to fight him. A couple of days ago, he recorded a video inside a fried chicken shop and called McGregor, well, chicken. The next day, he hired a plane to fly a message that read “Conor McGregor is scared of Jake Paul” over a Miami beach.

Given that McGregor is fighting Dustin Poirier this weekend at UFC 257 in Abu Dhabi, you can understand why Jake Paul is intensifying his promotions. On Wednesday, it was announced that Jake Paul will be headlining an April 17 PPV event via Triller so he’s also getting extra mileage by riding Conor’s name. McGregor is rumored to be fighting boxing legend Manny Pacquiao in an exhibition boxing match after UFC 257. But what if Jake Paul’s persistence steals a Conor fight for him?

Will it Happen?

While McGregor says that a Jake Paul fight is not in his immediate plans, he did not shut it down outright. That leaves a possibility, now matter how small, that the fight could happen. Knowing McGregor, he is a good businessman and doesn’t say “no” right away to possible big business.

The onus is now on Jake Paul to make his April 17th bout a monetary success. The November 30 Triller event was a PPV hit but it was mainly because of Iron Mike’s presence. However, if Triller’s April 17th show becomes a PPV hit, it’s going to be because of Jake Paul and that could very well change Conor McGregor’s mind.

While McGregor achieved success inside the UFC Octagon, he isn’t a fighter who is so much worried about his legacy. Aside from being a fighter, he is a good businessman. Remember that McGregor never defended any of his two UFC belts. Instead, he chose to fight Nate Diaz twice and then box Floyd Mayweather in a huge money fight. That’s what he plans to do with Pacquiao, and that’s what Jake Paul hopes he does with him, too.

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