Dana White Says He Will Give Cowboy Cerrone One Last Chance

Dana White And Donald Cerrone UFC

  • UFC President Dana White says he will give Donald Cerrone one last chance to turn things around.
  • Cowboy suffered a first round KO loss to Alex Morono last weekend, stretching his winless streak to six fights.
  • Cerrone insisted after the fight that he doesn’t want to end his career with that loss.

Cowboy Cerrone said that he didn’t want to ride into the sunset with last weekend’s loss to Alex Morono. UFC President Dana White agrees but one one condition.

Speaking to TSN’s Aaron Bronster last Monday, the UFC boss said that he will give Cowboy an opportunity to turn things around.

Per White:

“Cowboy again steps up, Diego (Sanchez) falls out of the fight, he steps up and takes a last-minute replacement, co-main event. What he wants to do – he accepted the Diego fight because they both said they would fight at 170. He wants to move down to ’55 and get another fight, and I’m going to let him do that.”

However, it’s going to be a win-or-go-home match. If Cerrone loses again, that’s it for the winningest fighter in UFC history. Added White:

“Yes, it will be the last one if he doesn’t win…yes.”

I know A Guy

Cerrone is one of the longest tenured fighters in the UFC. Now 38, he holds the record for most wins in the UFC with 23, most finishes in the UFC with 16, most post-fight bonuses earned with 18, and after his bout with Morono, is tied with Jim Miller for most fights in promotion history with 37.

Throughout his career, Cowboy is well-known for being a corporate guy who has saved too many events to remember. The UFC has lost too many main events or big fights due to injuries. But for as long as those fights are within Cowboy’s reach, he would always say “ I know a guy” to let White know that he was willing to step in to save the fight, or event an event.

That mentality, and an exciting fighting style, has endeared Cerrone to the UFC fanbase. But as with every fighter who has stepped inside the Octagon, time has betrayed Cowboy. Cerrone is winless in his last six bouts with five losses and a draw during that span. But while the first four of those losses were against former undisputed or interim champions, the last one came against an unranked fighter who took the fight on five days notice.

Not Ready to Hang it Up Yet

Morono blitzed Cerrone last weekend, throwing everything he had looking for an early stoppage. While Cerrone is one of the UFC’s best finishers ever, he is also notoriously easy to stop early in his fights. In two of his four previous bouts prior to last Saturday, he was knocked out in the first round. Morono also finished him with 20 seconds left in the opening round.

But with Cerrone, it’s not just about his invincibility disappearing. It’s about how he’s performed in his last six bouts. While he’s constantly shown flashes of the Cowboy of old, the old Cowboy has been more noticeable. He’s slowed down noticeably and the killer instinct seems no longer there.

After the loss to Morono, Cerrone insisted that the time has not yet come for him to hang up his gloves. According to Cerrone, he doesn’t want his legacy to end with that defeat. But he may be too tough for his own good. We’ve seen too many greats before him fight one bout too many. Dana White is fair in giving him another chance. But he’s also compassionate in declaring that it’s his last chance.

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