Deandre Ayton Betting Odds Went Crazy on Monday

Deandre Ayton Brooklyn Nets The Odds Background

  • Deandre Ayton’s odds to go to the Brooklyn Nets moved from +4000 to +350 in a span of 60 minutes or so on Monday night.
  • The Nets are now the second favorites to land Ayton at +200 odds, behind only the Phoenix Suns who  thare at +135.
  • Some are suggesting that the Ayton odds shift is a result of Kevin Durant possibly leaving Brooklyn because of Kyrie Irving’s contract situation.

Last week, we saw how crazy the betting odds can be when the First Pick betting market odds flip-flopped during the final 48 hours leading to Draft night. On Monday, the same bizarre movement happened to the DeAndre Ayton betting market.

Do They Know Something We Don’t

Ayton’s odds moved so quickly that some sportsbooks called its movement unprecedented. At DraftKings, Brooklyn jumped Detroit as the second favorite to land Ayton in a matter of 60 minutes. The Nets went from +4000 to +300 within an hour on Monday, and now only trail the Suns who are at +135 to keep the 1st overall pick of the 2018 NBA Draft. Meanwhile, the Pistons dropped to third at +450.

You couldn’t find any updates on Ayton on Monday but the biggest news of the day involved Brooklyn when Kyrie Irving opted into the final year of his Nets contract, thereby essentially ending rumors Irving could be orchestrating a coup d’etat to the Lakers. Meanwhile, Durant has been linked in recent days to several teams, including the Suns at +500 or an implied probability of 16.7%.

But why the sudden shift in Ayton’s odds? Perhaps the Vegas bookmakers know something that we don’t. Whatever it is, it could be related to the Nets. One sportsbook locked its odds for Durant to go to the Suns, leaving more speculation. The Heat are +250 favorites to land KD if he leaves Brooklyn. The Grizzlies (+400 ) and Hawks (+450). But Phoenix may have the best pawn for a KD trade in Ayton. Could that be the reason?

Pistons, Hawks Were All-In on Ayton

Before the 2022 NBA Draft, the Detroit Pistons and Atlanta Hawks were reported to be the most serious contenders to go after Deandre Ayton. However, after Detroit traded for the 13th overall pick Jalen Duren who plays the center position, it is believed that the Pistons are backing out of the Ayton race. Duren was the second-highest drafted center in the 2022 class, behind 2nd overall pick Chet Holmgren of OKC.

Meanwhile, the Hawks have most recently been linked to the San Antonio Spurs in a trade involving Spurs’ triple-double machine Dejounte Murray. Although there are no reports indicating that the Hawks are giving up their Ayton chase, they could be using their best trade assets to acquire Murray.

Ayton is a restricted free agent this summer. This means that while he has the ability to sign with a team of his choice, the Suns have the right to match whatever offer Ayton gets to keep his services. But then again, there is always that chance that it ends in a sign-and-trade deal. Ayton plus quality players and draft picks for Kevin Durant could work for the Nets. Maybe not. We’ll see soon.

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