Dillon Danis Responds To Jake Paul Call Out

Jake Paul And Dillon Danis

      • Dillon Danis has responded to Jake Paul’s call-out.
      • The two personalities have a deep and long-standing beef that began last year.
      • Danis is 2-0 as a mixed martial artist and is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt.

Dillon Danis wants the Jake Paul smoke.

One day after the YouTube sensation called him out, the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt has responded to Jake Paul’s challenge. In a Twitter post, Danis issued a warning to Jake Paul:

It can be recalled that Jake Paul called out Danis and training buddy Conor McGregor after knocking out two-time NBA slam dunk champion Nate Robinson last Saturday in the Tyson vs Jones undercard at Staples Center.

Even during the lead up to the Nate Robinson fight, Jake Paul had already issued challenges to MMA fighters like McGregor, Ben Askren, and Jorge Masvidal. But of course, it’s hard to believe that Paul was serious in wanting to fight those UFC names, even in a boxing match. But Dillon Danis is another story.

History of Dillon Danis vs Jake Paul Beef

This isn’t the first time that Danis and Paul went at each other in social media. The two personalities have been engaged in a long-standing beef which, seems to have been started by, well, Dillon Danis himself.

Seemingly unprovoked, Danis ripped the entire Paul family in September 2019, saying “F_ck the Pauls.” As expected, it didn’t take long for Jake Paul to respond to Danis’ tweet by saying “Savannah did”. Savannah of course, is Savannah Montano, the significant other of Dillon Danis. Because Jake Paul crossed the line, Danis gave him a dose of his own medicine:

Jake’s wife, Tana Mongeau, defended herself by saying that she didn’t even know who Danis was. She added that Danis waited in a line of fans and asked to take a picture with her. Paul added to the beef by tweeting that Danis’ claim to fame was being assaulted by Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229. Ultimately, the beef led to talks of a fight between the two Twitter superstars.

Jake Paul’s Fighting Career

Paul’s first foray into the world of fighting was in 2018 when his brother Logan took on fellow YouTube star KSI in an exhibition boxing match. In that event, Jake Paul also fought KSI’s brother Deji in a white-collar boxing match. Paul won the fight via fifth round TKO after Deji’s corner threw in the towel.

After that bout, Jake Paul took up boxing seriously and trained to fight professionally. He made his professional boxing debut against fellow YouTube star AnEsonGib on January 30, 2020 in Miami, in the co-featured bout of the Demetrius Andrade vs Luke Keeler boxing event. He won that fight via TKO in the first round.

The Nate Robinson bout was only his second professional boxing bout and for whatever it’s worth, Jake Paul is 2-0 with two knockouts in his professional boxing career. But while he’s fought a YouTube star and former NBA star, he has never stepped inside the ring against a real fighter.

Fighting a Real Fighter

You can say what you want about Dillon Danis but he’s a professional mixed martial artist who has a 2-0 record at Bellator. The 27-year old from New York though is a submission specialist with his Bellator wins coming by way of armbar and toe hold submission. What Jake Paul is challenging him to is a boxing match so those are different animals.

Before Saturday, critics were saying that Jake Paul had never fought a real athlete before. They talked about Nate Robinson being athletic, quick, and agile. However, we saw what happened to Robinson. Boxing is a sport, it’s not just a game that you play. Jake Paul’s training and experience were the difference makers in that fight.

But while Danis is primarily a grappler, don’t sleep on his striking. To be a mixed martial artist, a fighter needs to have some striking skills. Danis may not be a Conor McGregor on his feet, but he is trained to strike. And unlike Nate Robinson, he knows how to defend himself:

Jake Paul has called out too many names for us to mention each one. But the one fight that stands out is Dillon Danis. Danis isn’t as good as the McGregors Masvidals, and Askrens. He also has a history with the Pauls which should add flavor to the fight. He’s also a real fighter, someone who has trained professionally for the fight game. He is also primarily a grappler, which gives Jake Paul a chance of beating. So, what about this fight?

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