First Valorant Betting Options Are Live | The New Era of Esports Betting is Finally Here

First Valorant Betting Options Are Live | The New Era of Esports Betting is Finally Here

Ever since Riot Games announced Valorant, esports betting enthusiasts were eager to get things rolling. A brand-new game, a massive betting potential, and a brand-new set of opportunities for folks to enjoy. And finally, after months of waiting, Valorant betting options have finally hit the shelves!

Where to Find Valorant Betting Options | Best Valorant Betting Websites

Finding Valorant betting sites shouldn’t be difficult anymore! A few weeks ago, there were no Valorant betting options available. Heck, there was only a few real events available, come to think of it. Now that the game’s esports ecosystem is finally getting the action it requires to flourish, we’re seeing a bunch of bookies go out of their way to provide with plentiful Valorant betting options.

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Betway as the Frontrunner

Betway has always been among the most innovative and change-friendly bookmakers in the business. They were among the first to start facilitating betting on esports matches, and now they are among the first ones to facilitate betting on what could be the biggest esports title the world has ever seen.

Yep, it’s true – Betway already offers Valorant as a standalone category within their esports betting hub. At the time of writing (Saturday, June 27th), Betway featured matches from Absolute Masters and Epulze Valorant Prodigies. We’re talking about two relatively small events, which means Valorant betting options ought to become more frequent once bigger events start rolling in.

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Types of Valorant Betting Options

Thus far, the only Valorant betting options we’ve seen are match-winners. However, that doesn’t mean more variety won’t follow soon. A quick reminder, Absolute Masters and Epulze Valorant Prodigies are both small events. Perhaps the likes of Betway and Pinnacle are just using them to test the waters of Valorant betting. Either way, we’re likely to see a ton of specials sooner rather than later!

Upcoming Valorant Events

This is only the beginning of Valorant’s wave of betting options. More tournaments are coming right up. One of the biggest events thus far started yesterday. T1 x Nerd Street Gamers Showdown is in full fledge and we expect bookies to include its matches during the weekend. Additionally, several other events are scheduled to start in the next few days. The likes of Trovo Challenge and Pulse Invitational are leading the charge, boasting $30,000 in total prize money. Not bad for a game that’s only been out for a month, right?

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