Francis Ngannou Opens As Sizeable Favorite in Potential Derrick Lewis Fight

Francis Ngannou UFC Derrick Lewis

  • Francis Ngannou is a sizeable betting favorite in a potential Derrick Lewis fight.
  • Ngannou is supposed to fight Jon Jones but the UFC is unwilling to give in to Jones’ pay demands.
  • Lewis is the UFC’s no. 2 ranked heavyweight contender and owns a win over Ngannou.

With the UFC not willing to meet Jon Jones’ asking price to fight Francis Ngannou, the best UFC betting sites are now turning their attention to a Francisc Ngannou vs Derrick Lewis heavyweight title fight.

According to the BetOnline App, the newly crowned UFC heavyweight champion is a sizeable -350 betting favorite against Derrick Lewis, who is currently listed at +275 in the same online sportsbook. If you believe those odds, you would think Lewis would be an easier fight for the Predator who opened as as only a -190 favorite against Jones who came back at +165 at BetOnline.

Way Too Low

The UFC would’ve preferred to pit Jones against Ngannou in what would be considered a super fight. After all, the former light heavyweight champion has been busy bulking up since last year, preparing for his long overdue heavyweight debut. But while Jones is very much willing to face Ngannou, he only wants to do so at a premium. Recently, Bones told reporters that $8-10M would be “way too low” for a Francis Ngannou fight.

Of course Uncle Dana doesn’t want to pay what Jones is asking for.The UFC boss was trying to discredit Jones, even claiming that he may be afraid to fight Ngannou. That started another war of words between the two of them with Jones, once again, asking the UFC to release him. The social media tussle between the two has mellowed down a bit this week but it’s pretty clear that the UFC isn’t paying Jones, or Ngannou Conor McGregor money for their superfight.

With Jones pricing himself out of the fight, the UFC is now looking at the possibility of pitting Ngannou against Derrick Lewis, who not only is the no. 2 ranked heavyweight contender and owns a win over Ngannou, but also publicly said he’d fight the Predator for what the UFC is offering Jones:

One of the Most Powerful Punchers

Lewis is coming off another sensational knockout victory. The Black Beast brutally knocked out 3rd ranked heavyweight Curtis Blaydes at UFC Vegas 19 last February 20. The win was his fourth in a row since suffering back to back losses to Daniel Cormier and Junior Dos Santos, with the fight against DC for the heavyweight title.

Considered one of the most powerful punchers in the history of the UFC, Lewis has 20 knockouts in 25 wins. The Black Beast is the epitome of a true heavyweight fighter – one who can win a bout with a single punch. Lewis entered the Blaydes fight as a +250 betting underdog, but numbers don’t really matter when you have his knockout power.

In 2018, Lewis fought and defeated Ngannou in one of the most bizarre fights in the history of the UFC heavyweight division. With fans expecting a brawl between two of the heaviest hitters in the division, Lewis and Ngannou fought too cautiously in a bout where the two of them landed a combined 33 strikes in a three round fight.

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