Heat Favorites to be KD’s Next Team if He Leaves the Nets

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  • Kevin Durant is a 5/2 betting favorite to play for the Miami Heat if he leaves Brooklyn.
  • Durant is reportedly mulling his future with the Nets after Kyrie Irving could not agree with the team on a new contract.
  • The Memphis Grizzlies (+400)and Atlanta Hawks (+450) have the next best odds to be KDs’ next team.

With the ongoing Kyrie Irving situation in Brooklyn, Kevin Durant is reportedly considering his future options.

Irving’s contract talks with the Nets have reportedly hit a snag and the All-Star guard has allegedly given the Nets a list of teams to consider in a sign-and-trade deal. With Irving possibly leaving Brooklyn, sources believe that there is also a legit threat that Durant could bolt the Nets too.

Heat 5/2 Favorites to Sign KD Should He Leave Brooklyn

According to online sportsbooks BetOnline, the Miami Heat are the 5/2 or +250 favorites to be Durant’s next team. The Heat have not officially thrown their hat in the KD sweepstakes ( if there is one at all ) but Miami’s status as a top contender in the East and Durant’s familiarity with Heat players Jimmy Butler, Bam Adebayo, and Kyle Lowry while playing for Team USA is believed to be a factor that could sway KD’s decision-making.

Meanwhile, the Memphis Grizzlies are second at 4/1 or +400 odds. The Grizzlies established themselves as a team on the rise after finishing second in the Western Conference race last season. Memphis has a young and talented crew that may need an experienced star like KD to take them to the next level. Durant’s former teammate Steven Adams is also in Memphis and head coach Taylor Jenkins has ties to the state of Texas, just like KD.

The Atlanta Hawks are third at +450. The Hawks made the Eastern Conference Finals two seasons ago but had a down year last season. Like Memphis, Atlanta has a young and talented cast who may need that established star to get them over the hump. Hawks’ head coach Nate McMillan used to play for the Seattle SuperSonics, the team that originally drafted Durant.

Damian Lillard Officially Throws Blazers into KD Sweepstakes

One team, or team superstar to be exact, that has officially declared intention to acquire KD is Damian Lillard of the Portland Trail Blazers who posted a photo of himself and KD in a Blazers uniform on his Instagram page. The team has yet to make an official stand on the KD issues but given that the team has been aggressively trying to improve its roster around Lillard, they would surely welcome adding an even bigger star if they can. Portland however is farther on the list at +750.

The Phoenix Suns, who have a dilemma with starting center DeAndre Ayton are listed at +500 perhaps because they have the main asset to pull off a trade. KD and Chris Paul also played for Team USA together and KD once said that CP3 belongs to the Hall of Fame even if he does not win an NBA title. But no doubt, he would love to help Paul win one in the Valley.

Durant is also a +550 to go to the L.A. Clippers although for this to happen, the Clippers might have to give up one of Kawhi Leonard or Paul George. The Knicks have been in search of a franchise player ever since Melo left the team a long time ago. The Los Angeles Lakers, who are the favorites to land Irving are also on the odds board at +1200. BetOnline also lists KD as a +1400 to return to the Golden State Warriors, although that may be unlikely after he left the Warriors in 2019.

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