Hypothetical Odds for Washington Football Team’s Permanent Name Have Been Released

Hello My Name-is Washington Football Team

  • The Washington Football Team will announce its permanent team name on February 2, 2022.
  • According to PointsBet USA, the existing “Washington Football Team” name is the odds on favorite to be the permanent team name at +200.
  • Washington Presidents is next at +500 as Presidents was one of the potential names that the team made a logo for during the offseason.

After a long wait of 569 days, the Washington Football Team in the NFL will finally have a permanent name and logo.

According to an announcement from the team, they will be revealing the new team name on February 2, 2022.

The team has been using “Washington Football Team” as their temporary team name after dropping Redskins two seasons ago.

Now, the excitement is on as fans are starting to speculate what the team’s new name would be.

Washington Has Reportedly Narrowed Down the List to 3 Options

Last August, the team announced that it had whittled down a list that had as many as 30 possible names in April 2021 down to eight:

Washington Football Team

For several of the names, the team even came up with new logos, which may have given away which names they were seriously considering. Among the names that had a logo created was Presidents.

Later, team president Jason Wright said that they have a final list of three names but refused to name them. Wright however said that the three are not necessarily part of the original 8 names that appeared on “Making the Brand”.

What was made clear however is that RedWolves will not be the choice. According to Wright, Wolves or some variation of it was one of the fans’ favorite names. However, trademarks held by other sports teams would limit Washington’s ability to make the name their own. Without ‘Wolves’ the RedWolves variation was written off.

And so now, the plot thickens.

What are the Odds?

According to PointsBet, WFT or the same name is the betting favorite to be the team’s permanent name at +200. Although WFT was first announced as a temporary name, Wright said last year that they were seriously considering adopting it as their permanent team name. Next on the odds board is Presidents at +500 and as stated earlier, this name was one of those for which the team already has a new logo.

Meanwhile, RedHogs at +600 was one of the eight names published in “Making the Brand” and along with RedWolves, it was one of the favorites, especially among the fan base. At Bovada, there is another name that has “red” in it: Redtails (+1200 at Bovada). Redtails was also a fan favorite because it would honor the Tuskegee Airmen who made up the 332nd Fighter Group in World War II.

The next four names on the PointsBet betting board are related to the military. Defenders at +800 are self-explanatory as are Commanders at +900. Armada at +1200 means a fleet of naval warships and taken from the Spanish Armada. Admirals at +1200 are the highest rank in the Navy while Brigade, also at +1200, represents a subdivision in the Army, usually a small number of infantry battalions.

Completing the list are names beginning in Washington. These include Washington Washingtons at +1500, Washington George’s at +1500, Washington FC at +1800, and THE Washington Football Team at +2000. The last option is different from WFT since it begins with the word “The”.

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