Indoor Sports in New Jersey Are Finally Set to Resume

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  • US professional sports leagues have been up and running since May. 
  • Each state is setting its own regulations towards amateur indoor sporting events.
  • Governor Phil Murphy is now allowing indoor sports in New Jersey to resume. 

New Jersey is home to some of the most passionate sports fans in the country. For months, however, nearly all sporting events that take place indoors have been prohibited in this state. That’s now set to change. Governor Murphy has officially given the green light for indoor sports in New Jersey to resume.

It’s great news for both athletes and fans looking forward to indoor sporting events. There will be some major changes set in place, though. Today, we’re going to look at what this new rule means for the state’s sports industry moving forward.

Let’s get into it!

The NFL Continues to Adjust as the Season Progresses

The professional sports industry has never before faced the issues that it’s facing in 2020. In March, all of the country’s major sports leagues were forced to shut down. It wasn’t until May that some of these leagues began operating again.

The 2020 NBA season has just officially concluded. This year’s MLB season is set to finish at the end of this month. We’re now heading into week six of the 2020 NFL season. Each of these leagues have faced their own issues.

With everything considered, things seem to be running fairly smoothly for the NFL. A number of games have been delayed, yet no teams have withdrawn from the season. Hope is that things continue this way all the way to the Super Bowl in February.

A huge number of fans are now flocking to different online sportsbooks such as Bovada to place their bets on the season. Some choose to bet on individual weekly game winners. Others love placing future NFL bets on which team will win the championship.

As of now, the Kansas City Chiefs are listed as the +400 favorites to win the Super Bowl this season. The Baltimore Ravens are listed next at +550. The Seattle Seahawks come in third with current odds to win of +725.

Sports are back, but that doesn’t mean things are completely normal. Soon, we’ll see indoor sporting events resume in New Jersey.

Governor Murphy Approves Indoor Sports in New Jersey to Resume

Professional sports haven’t been the only ones affected by the regulations set in place around the country. All sports, particularly those that take place indoors, have been hurting. Fortunately, things are about to improve in the state of New Jersey.

Governor Phil Murphy has just signed an executive order allowing various sporting events previously considered medium and high risk to resume again. That paves the way for all indoor sports in New Jersey to start operating again.

Murphy released a statement on this new decision to the media this week.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging for our student-athletes, support staff, and school communities,” the statement said. “After consulting stakeholders and medical experts, we have concluded that, with proper public health and safety protocols in place, indoor sports may now resume in a way that protects players, coaches, and staff.”

It’s great news for school athletes that were previously unable to compete. Moving forward, attendance for both practices and games will be limited to 25%. Indoor high school and college sports must also follow the guidelines set in place by the New Jersey Interscholastic Athletic Association.

This is an exciting first step to get the state’s sports industry up and running again. Things are constantly changing, though, and it wouldn’t be a major surprise to see heavy regulations set in place again if health experts deem it necessary.

Betting on College Sports is Now Available Online

As we just mentioned, the popularity of NFL betting is growing quickly right now. There are now a huge number of fantastic online sportsbooks offering odds on the entire season. Bovada is also providing its members with some fantastic college sports gambling odds, as well.

That includes a wide range of great college football betting options. This site is offering everything from the Big-12 Champion to the outright NCAA Championship winner. Lines on each individual game are also available.

Soon, odds on indoor sports in New Jersey could become available, as well. These indoor sporting events are set to resume sometime in the next couple of weeks. We could see some fantastic odds on college ice hockey and even Esports leagues become available soon, too.

It’s an interesting time to be a sports fan. There’s still time to bet on the MLB and NFL seasons. College football betting is starting to grow more popular, as well. Hopefully, all of these sports can take place safely and without any major issues.

Make sure to stay tuned for more sporting news over the next few months. States around the country are setting their own regulations towards their sports industries. We’ll let you know exactly what’s available in your area.

Are you happy to see New Jersey allow indoor sports again? Do you plan to bet on any of these events? Let us know in the comments section below!

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