Jake Paul Opens as Big Betting Underdog in Theoretical Boxing Match Versus Daniel Cormier

Jake Paul And Daniel Cormier

  • Jake Paul has opened as a heavy betting underdog in a theoretical boxing match against Daniel Cormier.
  • Cormier confronted Paul during Saturday’s UFC 261 event in Jacksonville, Florida.
  • Paul challenged Cormier to a boxing bout after defeating Ben Askren earlier this month.

Jake Paul will be a heavy betting underdog if somehow, he ends up fighting former UFC heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier in a boxing match.

Paul is an undefeated 3-0 in his professional boxing career with all three wins via knockout. He has been the betting favorite in all of those matches but won’t be one against the retired Cormier.

According to online sportsbook BetOnline, which was quick to put up their opening lines, after Cormier confronted Paul at UFC 261 last weekend, the YouTuber start turned celebrity boxer is a +350 underdog against Cormier who opened as the sizeable 500 odds on favorite:

That’s not surprising really because finally, Paul is fighting someone his own size and who actually has legit striking skills. In his last two bouts, Paul fought former NBA slam dunk king Nate Robinson who was 5-9 and retired MMA fighter Ben Askren who fought as a welterweight and was known for his wrestling skills.

Cormier is different because not only is he the naturally bigger man, he also has legit striking skills.

DC Confronts Jake Paul

Cormier had previously rejected the notion of fighting Jake Paul, saying he would “kill” Paul if they fought. The idea of the two fighting was proposed by of course, Paul, who is looking for his next opponent after sensationally knocking out Ben Askren earlier this month.

DC entered the Jake Paul picture when he commented on boxer J’Leon Love who challenged former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley to a match after Woodley called out Paul following the Askren bout. Paul wasted no time in calling DC a “fat boy” and threatened to beat Cormier’s “fat A$$ just like Stipe did”, referring to UFC heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic who knocked out Cormier at UFC 241 and dominated DC again at UFC 252.

When DC found out that Paul was in attendance at the Vystar Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville last Saturday night, he left the announcers’ booth and threatened to smack Paul in the face, which he didn’t of course. That was smart of him because if he did lay a hand on the poor YouTuber, DC could’ve found himself involved in unnecessary legal issues. But yes, he did confront him just to send his message across.

Jake Paul Show Continues

UFC President Dana White called Paul and Triller a “freakshow” while disputing Paul’s claims that his bout against Askren did 1.5M PPV buys. But if that is indeed true, the YouTube star has produced the 10th best selling boxing PPV event of all-time, doing so while fighting a retired MMA fighter with no striking game.

People can say what they want about Jake Paul and his celebrity boxing matches but the kid knows how to sell his events. Whether it’s 1.5 PPV buys or not, there’s no question that Jake Paul’s latest boxing freakshow was a success. Imagine the event being searched on google seven more times that Wrestlemania 37.

It remains to be seen if Daniel Cormier takes the Jake Paul bait. But for someone who said that Paul has no business sharing the same ring with him, DC looked very emotionally involved last Saturday when he confronted Paul. Sure, Paul must’ve been balls deep worries when DC stood in front of him but at the same time, he knew that things are working according to his master plan.

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