Kamaru Usman Entertaining “Fun Fight” With Nick Diaz

Nick Diaz With Usman With UFC Logo

  • Kamaru Usman says Nick Diaz would be a “fun fight”.
  • Diaz has been rumored to be making a UFC return since last year and was at UFC 261 to speak with UFC President Dana White.
  • White said before UFC 261 that Colby Covington would be next for Kamaru Usman.

Kamaru Usman has the world in his hands right now.

After sensationally knocking out journeyman Jorge Masvidal at UFC 261 last month, the Nigerian Nightmare has little left to prove in the welterweight division. Usman has defeated four out of the Top 5 ranked welterweights and with no standout challenger in sight, he’s at a point where he’s bored.

In a recent interview, Usman talked about shutting up “internet guys who think they can box”. But when the king of those breed, Jake Paul, publicly called him out to a boxing bout, Usman rejected Paul by saying he is “no Disney kid”.

Now, Usman is entertaining a possible bout with former Strikeforce and WEC welterweight champion Nick Diaz. Speaking to TMZ Sports, Usman said:

At the end of the day, if he got everything in order and he’s able to compete, that’s always a fun fight. Nick Diaz. Imagine, Nick Diaz at the top of the bill once more. Nick Diaz fighting for the title. That’s a humongous fight. Hopefully gets his faculties and everything in order, and if he’s able to do that, Nick is able to come in and do something spectacular… Of course, that’s always a fun fight.”

Fun Fight

Fun Fight? Perhaps more of an easy fight, without any disrespect to Nate Diaz. But Diaz has not fought since 2015 when he lost to Anderson Silva. He has been hinting of a return since last year but until now, nothing has materialized, except that he’s kept his name relevant by saying so.

Nick Diaz was in attendance at UFC 261 when Usman defeated Masvidal for the second time and he had a conversation with UFC President Dana White about a potential UFC return. The first name linked to Diaz was Khamzat Chimaev, the welterweight/middleweight prospect who earlier this year announced he was retiring from the sport after falling ill to COVID-19. But that’s still a rumor and for all we know, it was just another Nate Diaz publicity stunt.

But while Usman vs Nick Diaz would be a one-sided fight, it would be a big one financially. The Diaz brothers have a cult following despite their sporadic appearances in the UFC and despite consistently losing fights. Usman may be right about that fight being a fun one, but when it comes to competition, well let’s just say it would be fun to watch, nothing more.

The Fight to Make?

Even before Usman baptized Masvidal and put him to sleep, UFC President Dana White had already told the world that the next fight to make after UFC 261 is Usman vs Covington 2.

It can be recalled that Kamaru Usman stopped Colby Covington in the 5th round during his first defense of the welterweight title. Of course, the mouthy Covington protested the stoppage. But that was moot and academic. Usman broke his jaw and was outstriking him from start to finish, despite the fact that everyone said Usman did not have a decent stand up game.

Covington has fought just once after that loss, beating a washed up Tyron Woodley last September. But Woodley already looked over the hill when Gilbert Burns beat him months earlier so there wasn’t anything impressive about what Covington did. But yeah, if Dana White wants to put Colby in the lion’s den again, that would be justifiable because he is no. 1 in the rankings. But then again, Covington can say whatever his mouth wants to. He’ll still be facing his worst nightmare:

No fluff. That’s no exaggeration.

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