LA Sheriff’s Office Says Excessive Speed Caused Tiger Woods Car Crash

Tiger Woods Car Accident Speed Findings

  • The L.A. County Sheriff’s Department says that overspeeding was the cause of Tiger Wood’s serious car accident last February.
  • According to police, Woods drove his vehicle at 82-87 mph in a 45 mph zone.
  • Woods underwent a long surgical procedure on his lower right leg and ankle but is now in his Florida home continuing his recovery.

Speed was the cause of the rollover crash that seriously injured superstar golfer Tiger Woods last February.

According to a statement from the L.A. Count Sheriff’s Department on Wednesday, Woods was going as fast as 87 mph in a 45-mph zone, and hit a tree at 75 mpg, causing his vehicle to go airborne before coming to a rest on its side.

The announcement was made on the eve of the Masters Tournament in Augusta, the tournament where Woods won in 2019 to end his 13-year grand slam drought. Woods is currently in his Florida home, continuing with his recovery period.

Woods Applied 99% Pressure on Accelerator Pedal

During the news conference, police also said that data recordings from the vehicle revealed that Woods hit the accelerator pedal at a 99% rate and did not hit the brake prior to the crash. L.A. Sheriff’s office captain James Powers speculated that Woods may have inadvertently stepped on the accelerator instead of the brake as he headed down the winding Hawthorne Boulevard but since Woods has no recollection of what happened, that cannot be established.

Powers also disclosed that Woods’ steering varied from 10 degrees to 55 degrees on a 360 degree scale, which indicates that he may had tried to “correct his course on the road”. However, Powers also explained that the movement may have also been caused by the impact itself.

Woods was driving alone when the accident happened. A witness who was first on the scene said he found Woods unconscious inside the Genesis GV80 vehicle. However, a Deputy at the Sheriff’s Department said that the golfer later looked “calm and lucid” and able to answer basic questions. Authorities also said that Woods showed no signs of impairment.

Why No Citation Was Issued

During the press briefing, authorities were asked why no citation was issued to Woods for overspeeding. According to Powers, the police decided not to issue a citation because there it was a single car crash and no one was there to witness the accident. Powers added that without a witness, it is only an infraction and the police isn’t going to issue a citation on an infraction not committed in the presence of an officer or an eyewitness.

Reporters went on to ask Powers if the data recording recovered from the “black box” of the vehicle would be sufficient as evidence to issue a citation. The captain addressed that issue by reiterating that even if the recorder physically revealed what happened, an independent witness is required to issue a citation. Last February, Sheriff Alex Villanueva said that no charges were anticipated against Woods and that the crash was a “pure accident”.

The L.A. County Sheriff’s Department said last week that their investigation on Wood’s crash had concluded. However, the details were not revealed until they got permission to do so from Woods’ camp. According to California law, details of such accidents cannot be made public without the consent of the parties involved.

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