Lakers Now Favorites to be Kyrie’s Next Team As Talks With Nets Hit Snag

  • The Los Angeles Lakers have opened as the +150 odds on favorite to be Kyrie Irving’s next team after contract talks between Irving and the Nets have reached a stalemate.
  • L.A.’s cross-town rival Clippers have the second-best odds to snatch Irving at +200 odds.
  • The Miami Heat and New York Knicks are next at +400 odds.

With Kyrie Irving and the Brooklyn Nets reportedly hitting a stalemate in their contract negotiations, the idea of Irving leaving the Nets has now become a real possibility with several contenders allegedly interested in adding the 30-year-old guard to further their championship hopes.

Because of that, the best NBA betting sites have opened the latest betting odds for Irving’s next team and a pair of usual favorites have been mentioned.

Lakers and Knicks Expected to be Suitors

According to a report from The Athletic’ Chams Charania, the Los Angeles Lakers and New York Knicks are expected to be suitors. The best NBA betting sites agree as online sportsbook PointsBet USA has installed the Lakers as the +150 betting favorite to be Irving’s next team. Meanwhile, the Knicks were given the third-best odds to land Irving at +400.

The Lakers are trying to rebound from a dismal 2022 season where they finished 11th in the Western Conference and missed the playoffs. But the Lakers already have Russell Westbrook so if Irving is reuniting with LeBron, Westbrook has to go. KD has said before that he doesn’t want to play with Westbrook again, so the Lakers may need a third team to facilitate Irving’s transfer to the Purple and Gold. That won’t be easy.

New York meanwhile has a more realistic path of getting Irving. They have the ability to unload several mid-tier salaries to open up enough cap space and sign Irving outright as a free agent or forge a sign-and-trade deal by adding veteran assets. Julius Randle is a name that has been involved in too many trade rumors. Randle is coming off a down season but he may be an asset that the Nets would trade Irving for in the right package.

Clippers Interested in Recruiting Irving?

The Lakers’ cross-town rival Clippers are also reportedly interested in bringing Irving to Los Angeles. But looking at the Clippers’ roster, the only deal that the Nets could accept would be one involving Paul George or Kawhi Leonard. Sure, Irving would be the point guard that Chauncey Billups needs to make use of their multiple wing players. But the question is if they are willing to part with one of their two stars to do so. Sportsbooks think so as they have listed the Clippers at +200 odds.

When Irving wanted to leave the Cavs, his four preferred destinations were the Knicks, Spurs, Timberwolves, and the Heat. Given San Antonio and Minnesota’s status right now, it seems like Miami would be the team that Kyrie would agree to go to. He’s stated in the past that he wants to play with Jimmy Butler and the Heat made it to the Conference Finals this season as the no. 1 seed in the East. Miami has 6th Man of the Year Tyler Hero to build a trade package around. But would Brooklyn like Herro?

The Chicago Bulls are listed at +800 and they have a satar in Zach LaVine who has been linked to departure talks. New Orleans at +1000 has a big decision to make on Zion Williamson. The Denver Nuggets are listed at +1400 but they have Jamal Murray. Meanwhile, the Dallas Mavericks who are looking to retool around Luka Doncic are at +1400. 2021 NBA champions Milwaukee Bucks and the San Antonio Spurs complete the odds board at +2500 and +3000, respectively.

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