Lakers’ Odds See Significant Jump Amidst Kyrie Rumors

Kyrie Irving With Lakers Odds Background

  • Setting up Kyrie Irving as a Laker Bolsters the Odds on him being an LA Entity
  • Reuniting Irving and Lebron James Brings Back Memories of their Lone Championship as Teammates
  • Lakers’ Odds are Also Hoisted as a Western Conference Challenger

Irving Rumors Allow Lakers’ Odds for 2023 to Hit New Level

One of the biggest NBA free agency rumors that gathered its own headlines overnight was the rumor that Nets guard Kyrie Irving could become a member of the Los Angeles Lakers, who are viewed as the only team in the league that would potentially trade for Irving.

Irving’s potential in the Purple and Gold fostered rapid odds movement as the Lakers were sitting at (+2200) to win the NBA championship yesterday and moved to (+1000). They are currently sitting at (+800), which is sixth in the NBA. Once Irving saw that Nets star Kevin Durant was looking for a trade ahead of free agency, then Irving seemingly put himself into the middle of a fray where he could move out of Brooklyn as well.

As this became a seeming endeavor for the former Duke Blue Devil, the Lakers easily captured the top odds at (-115) to land Irving. Brooklyn keeping him was second (+425) while the Dallas Mavericks (+550), Los Angeles Clippers (+800), and the Miami Heat (+1000) rounded out the top five of teams with odds to acquire Irving.

Please Note:
Dallas moved forward in the odds to land Irving after guard Jalen Brunson signed a four-year deal with the New York Knicks that will pay him 104 million dollars during that time. The Lakers’ odds to land Irving have improved in the last three days as he was sitting at (+150) on Tuesday with the Miami Heat second at (+300).

Before the idea that Irving would jettison onto the court in LA as a Laker, the Nets, with Kevin Durant as well as Irving, were posted by the top sportsbooks with odds to win next season’s NBA championship at (+260) with Golden State checking in second at (+550). The Milwaukee Bucks are third (+700) as the Lakers and the Utah Jazz (+1000) rounded out the top five.

Irving and James Could Reunite as Teammates on the Hardwood

Harken back to 2016 when Golden State had a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals and Lebron James literally carries the Cleveland Cavaliers back from the abyss. The Cavs were set at a (+385) while Golden State was the favorite (-128) before the Finals and the Warriors still were favored (-5) going into the Game 7.

In this series:
James carried the Lakers and Irving was a second option, by far. James odds to win the MVP were (-190) while Irving was at (+2000). If Irving joins the Lakers, it is unlikely that seven years later, this type of odds lead would again come to fruition. Since Irving had the penance not to get COVID injections and play in Brooklyn as his teammates did, the question arises if he is a player who would carry the Lakers in the twilight of James’ career.

In any event, the Lakers’ odds and potency to win the NBA Championship again have continued to rise with the news on Irving as a potential Laker.

Meanwhile, in Battles in the Western Conference …

Los Angeles was buried as potentially the Western Conference champion as well for 2023.

Their odds sat at (+1,000), which was seventh in the West. Golden State (+250), the LA Clippers (+300), Phoenix (+450), Dallas (+500) and Denver (+600) stylized the Top 5. Now the Lakers sit at a (+750) to win the Western Conference with the Golden State Warriors, LA Clippers and the Phoenix Suns tied for the top at (+340).

As the Irving rumors apparently took their own path in sending the Lakers’ odds to win the NBA Championship back near the top, the idea that Irving may have to wait one season is a reality since he picked up his player option for 2022-23.

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