The Location for Paul vs. Askren has Just Been Revealed

Jake Paul With Ben Askren And Mercedes Benz Stadium

  • Jake Paul and Ben Askren are scheduled to box on Pay-Per-View this April. 
  • The Mercedez-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georga is confirmed as the location for Paul vs. Askren.  
  • Odds for this upcoming bout are still being offered online. 

The upcoming fight between Jake Paul and Ben Askren is set to officially take place on April 17. Until this week, no one knew where the bout would be taking place. The location for Paul vs. Askren has now been revealed and many are excited to hear where the fight is being held.

It’s not exactly clear how, yet this fight is one of the most-talked-about boxing matchups of 2021. Now is a great time to talk about the official location for the bout. We’ll also check out some of the updated odds on Paul-Askren.

Let’s get into it!

Jean Pascal Reveals 100k on Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren

The boxing community seems torn on Jake Paul. Some are taking issue with the attention he is getting in the sport when considering he’s competed as a professional just twice, neither of those fights coming against a fighter with boxing experience. Others believe he is helping to bring more viewers to the sport. He’s taking on Ben Askren in a highly-publicized fight next month.

There’s no doubt that Paul rubs most people the wrong way. He’s going all-in on the boxing game and has called out some of the top fighters in the sport. Jake seems to be making friends with at least some fighters, though.

This week, former light-heavyweight heavyweight champion Jean Pascal revealed he sparred with Jake. He offered praise to the 24-year-old through his Twitter account. Pascal even revealed he plans to wager an astounding $100,000 on Jake to get the win over Ben Askren.


How legitimate was this compliment? No one really knows. There are some that believe Jake even paid Jean to offer this social media compliment. Jean may be genuinely impressed with Paul, however, and could feel he has enough skills to get past Ben Askren.

MMA fans are pulling for Ben Askren here. “Funky” has never been known for his striking skills but seems to be training hard for this bout. Recent sparring footage of the former MMA champion has some fans worried.

More information on this upcoming matchup is constantly coming out. It now appears an official venue for this matchup has been set.

Reports Confirm the Location for Paul vs. Askren

Jake Paul and Ben Askren gave themselves plenty of time to prepare for their upcoming fight. Both have a tremendous amount of pressure leading into fight night. As the weeks have gone on, more details on this fight are beginning to surface.

Many fans and analysts have been questioning where this bout will be taking place. Obviously, it is not easy holding major combat sporting events at this time. Most states still have intense regulations set in place that prevent events like these from taking place.

This week, the location for Paul vs. Askren was finally revealed. Reports have confirmed that this fight is taking place at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia on April 17. This is the first combat sporting event ever held inside the stadium.

Public ticket sales will not become available. A limited number of fans will be able to attend the fight by invitation-only. Those looking to watch the fight from home will need to pay a $49.99 Pay-Per-View fee. Triller CEO Ryan Kavanaugh spoke more about this fight to the media this week.

“Our vision of big fights, big entertainment and world class events can only fit into a world class venue, and Mercedes-Benz Stadium fits that vision,” he said. “April 17th will have an element of surprise and action for everyone, from music fans to the casual and diehard fight fan. The way we will present the night in this state-of-the-art venue will continue to redefine consumer engagement for a global consumer, with world class partners like iNDemand and FITE joining us not just for this event, but for the others we will have in 2021 and beyond.”

This fight’s venue and price are now set. It seems that all there is left to do now is for the two men to compete against one another. Fans seem torn on how this flight will play out. Many are now choosing to bet on how it plays out. Let’s check out the odds.

Updated Odds on Paul vs. Askren are Now Available Online

Boxing betting seems to be growing more popular every single year. There are some huge fights taking place over the next few months that fans are choosing to bet on. Lately, a surge of wagers has been flowing in on the fight between Ben Askren and Jake Paul.

With the location for Paul vs. Askren now set, these wagers are increasing once again. Most fans are heading over to Bovada to make their bets on the fight. This site is well-known for offering some of the most competitive boxing odds online.

Despite his inexperience in combat sports, Jake Paul is still listed as the -260 favorite in this matchup. He has shown some power in both of his previous fights. If he can land early on Ben, he has a real shot at earning his third-straight knockout victory.

Ben Askren was one of the best welterweights in MMA for years. He used primarily wrestling to win fights, however, and never showed much progress in his boxing ability. That seems to be why Bovada lists him as the +200 underdog in this matchup.

This fight may not be the most technical boxing showcase in the world. It should still be entertaining. There are less than 40 days until the big night and fans will continue trying to predict how the action will play out.

Are you excited to hear about the location for Paul vs. Askren? Who do you think wins on April 17? Let us know in the comments section below.

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