Logan Paul vs. CM Punk Could Be Coming in 2020

Logan Paul And CM Punk

  • KSI recently beat Logan Paul via split decision.
  • Logan Paul now claims he can beat CM Punk in MMA.
  • Logan Paul vs. CM Punk betting odds are available online. 

This past Saturday, two of the biggest names on YouTube competed in a highly publicized professional boxing fight. KSI ended up winning the split decision over Logan Paul, who afterwards made an unusual callout. Now, many believe Logan Paul vs. CM Punk could actually take place sometime in 2020.

Despite how you feel about these “celebrity” fights, they’re drawing in viewers. Now, one of the top online sportsbooks is offering odds for this potential fight. Let’s look at who’s coming in as the betting favorite.

KSI Edges Past Logan Paul Via Split Decision

Just a few years ago, the idea of two YouTube personalities competing in one of the most lucrative boxing matches of the year would seem ridiculous. Incredibly, that’s what we’re seeing with Logan Paul and KSI. These two just competed in their second bout and from the looks of it, the fight was an incredible success.

It didn’t hurt to have several of the top boxers alive competing on the undercard. Billy Joe Saunders proved he’s one of the best middleweights on the planet with an 11th round stoppage of Marcelo Esteban Coceres. Fights such as this one helped to bring in even more PPV buys.

There was plenty of hype heading into the Logan Paul – KSI rematch. Both fighters claimed to have trained with professional boxers before the bout. The physical difference between the fighters was apparent when they stepped into the ring.

Ultimately, KSI ended up victorious via split decision. He pushed the pace early and nearly dropped Paul with a hard punch behind the ear. Logan lost a point late in the fight. This cost him the win.

Many began immediately calling for a third fight between the two men. Out of the blue, KSI recommended a bout between Logan Paul and CM Punk. Now, this idea is gaining some steam.

Logan Paul vs. CM Punk Betting Odds Are Available Online

In the post-fight interview, KSI was asked whether or not a trilogy bout with Paul was on the horizon. He quickly shot this idea down, instead suggesting that Paul enter into the MMA world.

Nah, nah, it’s done. It’s done, fam,” he said. “It is done. It is done. Done. I’m onto the next thing, yo. Yo, you could do MMA, with the wrestling and stuff. You should fight CM Punk. I think that’d be a pretty funny fight!”

The idea of Logan Paul entering mixed martial arts isn’t completely new. Back in 2018, he told the media that he was interested in competing inside the UFC. Dana White brushed off his comments, claiming he would “get hurt bad” if he ever stepped into the Octagon.

CM Punk (Phil Brooks) fought twice for the UFC. Both of these bouts ended badly for the former WWE wrestler. It’s unclear whether or not he’d be interested in this fight.

Bovada, one of the best online sportsbooks in the world, is now offering odds on Logan Paul vs. CM Punk.

At the moment, CM Punk is listed as the considerable betting favorite with odds of -225. Paul is listed as the underdog with current odds of +175.

It wouldn’t be the prettiest fight in the world, but it would bring in some serious PPV sales.

Could This Fight Take Place Inside the UFC Octagon?

CM Punk was never expected to be a serious competitor in the UFC. He was, however, a serious draw and helped to bring in many new eyeballs to the sport. If enough people got on board with a Logan Paul vs. CM Punk fight, Dana White might be interested.

Don’t believe us? Not long ago, White claimed he was open to putting Tom Cruise vs. Justin Bieber in the Octagon. When enough money is on the table, White is open to just about anything.

Logan Paul also claims that he’s willing to fight CM Punk. According to TMZ, he’s confident about his chances in the fight.

It’s not entirely clear if CM Punk is still signed to the UFC. He seemed to have retired after his last loss to Michael Jackson, yet officials never confirmed that his contract was released.

If these two men agree to fight, it’s likely that it would take place inside the Ultimate Fighting Championship. It would fit as a main-card opener on a PPV event in 2020.

Logan Paul vs. CM Punk betting odds are available right now. Feel free to make your wagers on this potential bout!

Let us know who you think would win this fight in the comments section below!

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