Los Angeles Chargers’ Melvin Gordon Predicts Philip Rivers Will Sign With the Indianapolis Colts

  • Melvin Gordon, a former teammate, picked Philip Rivers to go to the Indianapolis Colts
  • Colts offensive coordinator Nick Sirianni is recruiting Rivers, worked in San Diego/LA
  • The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are current +150 favorites in the betting odds to sign Rivers

Earlier this month, both the Los Angeles Chargers and their quarterback Philip Rivers would officially announce that the two camps were going their separate ways, however, even before the separation became official, Rivers was already being connected to the Indianapolis Colts.

It’s perfectly understandable as to why. The current quarterback of the Colts is Jacoby Brissett, and Indianapolis will be looking for an upgrade from his talent in order to get them into the postseason. And though he struggled in the 2019 campaign and he’s 38 years old, Rivers could certainly be the guy that the Colts are looking for.

Talking to CBS Sports, Rivers’ soon-to-be former teammate and running back Melvin Gordon would have some thoughts about who he thinks Rivers will sign with. Gordon is also about to become a free agent next month as well.

Gordon’s main reason of why he thinks Rivers will be with the Colts is because of who their offensive coordinator is in Nick Sirianni. From 2013-17, Sirianni would be employed by the San Diego/Los Angeles Chargers, and his five-year stint would feature two years as the quarterbacks coach for Rivers.

When everything became official with the split between the Los Angeles Chargers and Philip Rivers, the sportsbooks were quick to react, and the Indianapolis Colts would become the favorites to pick him up.

And now you have Melvin Gordon adding even more fuel to the fire.

Betting Odds: What Team Will Philip Rivers Sign With in NFL Free Agency?

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers | +150
  • Chicago Bears | +500
  • Carolina Panthers | +600
  • Indianapolis Colts | +600
  • Tennessee Titans | +800
  • Pittsburgh Steelers | +1200
  • New England Patriots | +1400
  • Jacksonville Jaguars | +1500
  • Las Vegas Raiders | +2000
  • Miami Dolphins | +2000

The Latest Reports: Best Betting Options for Where Philip Rivers Will Go

Tampa Bay Buccaneers | +150

When it comes to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and their quarterback situation, they’re currently in a wait-and-see period as free agency approaches, so they won’t make a sure decision until some offers start being made and some dominoes start to fall. And as far as their current quarterback Jameis Winston is concerned, the Bucs aren’t completely sure on what to do with him as of yet, as they remain undecided altogether with Winston. And speaking of Winston, he just recently underwent LASIK surgery, and this because of his 30 interceptions last season — Tampa Bay might want to see how he does and if it helps him get any better as a result. With all of that being said, however, the Buccaneers reportedly do have “legitimate” interest in Philip Rivers, and as they should. It’ll be fascinating to see if their interest level turns into negotiations next month in free agency — good bet though considering Rivers and his family recently just moved to Florida.

Indianapolis Colts | +500

They might be high in the betting odds, but there really isn’t much cooking as far as Philip Rivers connections with both the Chicago Bears and Carolina Panthers, which brings us to the Indianapolis Colts at +500. There’s a couple of pieces of heat involved with the Colts as far as them landing Rivers. You already got the Melvin Gordon news of him thinking that Rivers is headed to Indianapolis, and his reasoning was because of former Chargers coach Nick Sirianni being the offensive coordinator of the Colts. And when you look at the latest reports, it’s understandable why Gordon thinks that: Formerly his quarterbacks coach with the Chargers, Sirianni is openly trying to woo Rivers to Indianapolis. So while the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are still trying to figure out their QB situation, the Colts have already set their plans into motion. Take advantage of the +500 betting odds as well, I can see the value decreasing with the latest news cycle, plus, the Colts have both interest and talent — now does Rivers?

Tennessee Titans | +800

When it comes to the Tennessee Titans, it’s not them with the “legitimate interest” reports, but instead, it’s Philip Rivers who is interested in Nashville being a landing spot for him. Despite the interest from Rivers, however, it’s unlikely that the Titans will bring him in, and that’s because of Ryan Tannehill being in the picture — somebody who led Tennessee to the playoffs last season. ESPN’s Adam Schefter would also report that it’s hard to envision a scenario that doesn’t see Tannehill with the Titans next campaign. Other than that though, there aren’t really any juicy reports that link Rivers and Tennessee together. And to be honest, there’s a blunt reason for that: The Tennessee Titans just have no mutual interest in Philip Rivers, at least for now. 

Las Vegas Raiders | +2000

With the Las Vegas Raiders themselves, there aren’t any real reports out there about them chasing Philip Rivers, but we do know they’ll aggressively be looking for a quarterback — we’re already aware of Tom Brady reports. But what if Brady re-signs with the New England Patriots? Well, NFL.com, the official website of the National Football League, is suggesting that Las Vegas could possibly sign the potential Hall of Famer in Philip Rivers when it’s time for free agency next month — and you’ve got to love a report like that for this bet. The Las Vegas Raiders are at a hefty +2000 right now, which is obviously very profitable odds. I would go ahead and take advantage of that now, because there’s a good shot that they lose out on Brady, and they might turn their target to Philip Rivers — excellent bet right here. Vegas needs a quarterback bad and will be chasing one this offseason, will it be Rivers?

The Current Forecast: At the Moment, Where Will Philip Rivers Go?

Currently as it stands right now, you’ve got to side with the Indianapolis Colts to land Philip Rivers. With Melvin Gordon, this isn’t just someone’s opinion, this is a prediction from Rivers’ former teammate and also someone who knows Indianapolis offensive coordinator Nick Sirianni. There’s credibility and logic here, and with Sirianni publicly trying to bring in Rivers, it certainly fits the narrative.

Rivers obviously knows Sirianni, so familiarity would be a big key here. Not just that either, but the Colts have talent to work with, and you’ll be working with that talent in Peyton Manning’s house, which is home to an organization that knows how to win. All of that, and Philip Rivers just seems to be a Indianapolis kind of guy — he was never meant for Los Angeles. So Rivers would get to be in a small market, get to work with Sirianni and would have a legitimate shot to win a Super Bowl, something that he’s been chasing for 16 years now and has never achieved.

It seems like a good fit to me. At the moment, give me Philip Rivers to the Indianapolis Colts.

BETTING PREDICTION: Indianapolis Colts (+500)

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