Most Notable Esports Betting Opportunities in March 2021

Esports Events March 2021

February is all done, boys and girls! The shortest month of the year packed quite a bit of esports action. But, with the end of the IEM XV Katowice World Championship, the esports betting world is turning to a brand-new chapter. Esports betting in March 2021 is coming in strong, featuring a fine pallet of esports events across several disciplines.

Of course, we’re here to tell you all about it!

Esports Betting in March 2021

CSGO has another massive event this month. DreamHack Open March 2021 is not to be taken for granted either, even though it’s set to feature only NA teams. Pinnacle Cup is there too, though the quality of its competition isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea.

Dota 2 betting fans rejoice – ONE Esports Singapore Major starts late March.

Valorant fans will have stuff to watch too. The Champions Tour Masters are coming right up, featuring a bunch of regions and hefty prize pools.

Let’s take a closer look!

ESL Pro League Season 13

First things first – ESL Pro League Season 13! Yep, the all-new ESL Pro League Season starts in just seven days. Yep, the group stage action starts next Monday, and CSGO bookmakers are already crunching to get proper coverage for such a massive event.

CSGO betting takes up the majority of the total esports betting market. That said, ESL Pro League S13 betting opportunities bear great importance for esports betting in March. It’s going to be the most bet on event this month, no doubt about it!

As for the actual event, it features $750,000 in prize money and twenty-four teams. The show starts off with a round-robin group stage featuring bo3 matches from start to finish. Second and third-place group stage teams play from the round of twelve, group winners advance to the play-in stage.

The play-in stage features all four group winners in a direct fight for the semifinals. The losers “drop” to the quarterfinal; the winners advance to the semis.

DreamHack Open March 2021 NA

The next iteration of DreamHack Open starts on March 10th. It’s going to be the first notable NA event this year, featuring the region’s best teams, including Team Liquid who are coming off a solid IEM XV Katowice campaign.

There’s $70,000 in prize money, less than a tenth of what ESL Pro League S13 offers. But, there are only eight teams here, and the tournament lasts for just five days. The competition isn’t that notable, meaning Team Liquid could have a decent campaign here… Fingers crossed they’re able to return back to Europe in time for the start of their ESL Pro League S13 group.

ONE Esports Singapore Major

Dota 2 has two fine events this month! First off, EPIC League Season 3 Division 1. It starts on March 14th and brings forth $85,000 and eight participants. Then, on March 27th, there’s a proper show for all you Dota 2 fans out there – ONE Esports Singapore Major. $500,000 in prize money, 18 top-notch teams from across the globe. That’s what Dota 2 is all about; that’s what the fans have been craving for all these months…

Esports betting in March has something for everyone, and this event is the perfect example of that. Dota 2’s Pro Circuit is still going strong, this being the biggest event so far in 2021. As such, it’s bound to bring in people excited to get their Dota 2 betting game going.

Valorant Champions Tour Masters

The Masters Stages of the 2021 Valorant Champions Stage 1 are just about to start. North America, Turkey, Europe, CIS, Japan, and Brazil – all fairly important events bringing forth roughly half a million dollars in prize money. Each Masters event will feature eight participants and should bring forth a great base for our Valorant betting endeavors in March 2021.

As you can see from the Tweet above, Valorant is finally going to have an international event. Reykjavik, Iceland is the city of choice, May 24-30 the key dates – Valorant esports really is coming up in the world. As far as we know, its betting scene is growing just as much, hinting at an even brighter future for Riot Games’ FPS ambitions.

FIFA Global Series

FIFA Global Series are still going strong! The FIFAe Club world Cup is all done, and now the entire focus of FIFA esports is on the FGS! The qualifiers might not belong to the top of the importance charts, but they’re still worth checking out. You shouldn’t have a tough time finding FIFA betting odds for these events since their popularity is through the roof.

Believe it or not, FIFA 21 is the fourth-best esports discipline by betting volume. Such a high ranking (above the likes of Rainbow Six, Starcraft II, Valorant, and Overwatch) means competitive FIFA isn’t just fun to watch and play, but to bet on as well. If you’re a FIFA fan and you’re looking for some good old esports betting in March, FGS ought to be right up your alley!

Later this month, FIFA will have even more action in the form of eMLS Cup 2021 (March 20) and eLibertadores 2021 on both PS4 and Xbox One (March 15). Yessir, March is going to be one heck of a month for FIFA fans!

That’s it for esports betting in March. See you guys next month!
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