Nate Robinson An Instant Internet Sensation For The Wrong Reasons

Jake Paul Knocking Out Nate Robinson

  • Jake Paul knocked out Nate Robinson in the second round of their boxing bout on Saturday.
  • Robinson got knocked out so badly his KO has been trending in the internet.
  • The bout was the first boxing match for the former NBA slam dunk champion.

Former NBA slam dunk king Nate Robinson might want to stay away from the internet for a while, or maybe even for a long time. That’s because he’s all over the web for the wrong reasons.

Robinson made his boxing debut on Saturday night in the undercard of Triller’s Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones exhibition boxing match at Staples Center in Los Angeles. However, things didn’t turn out the way Robinson had planned. The former NBA star was brutally knocked out in the second round of his boxing match against YouTube superstar Logan Paul.

Paul is no professional boxer but compared to Robinson, he had a one-fight professional boxing experience. And he had the benefit of a longer training in the sport compared to Robinson. Still, Robinson wasn’t that much of a betting underdog at +195 with Paul listed as a -235 odds on favorite.

Being a former professional athlete, pundits believed Robinson had a chance of upsetting Logan Paul. Nate was obviously more athletic, and based on his NBA career, he was quick, agile, and fast. But this was not the NBA. And boxing, isn’t a game, it’s a fight sport. So this happened:

You can’t see someone faceplant better than that. The closest thing to that was Manny Pacquiao getting drilled by Juan Manuel Marquez in their third fight. But this may have been worse, judging from the internet reactions after the event.

Setting Twitter on Fire

Nate Robinson didn’t just get knocked out. He set Twitter on fire with even his peers reacting to the knockout. He may have created a new meme that will finally put the Crying Jordan to rest.

Robinson wanted to make a point Saturday night. He wanted to prove that as an 11-year NBA vetean and former college football player, he was the better athlete than Logan Paul. While Paul had more boxing experience, he had not faced a professional athlete like Robinson. Nate had valid points. But while his boxing trainer taught him to attack aggressively, it was obvious he never gave Robinson a single lesson on defense.

Boxing is a a fight sport and the basic rule in boxing is to defend yourself at all times. Remember Victor Ortiz versus Floyd Mayweather? No, Jake Paul didn’t sneak a punch like Floyd did. He was patient and let Robinson go off and then timed him with hard counters that Robinson never defended. What was Nate thinking?

Nate Robinson Challenge

Could there be anything worse than replacing the Crying Jordan meme? Perhaps getting a “challenge’ named after you. Aside from the meme’s people all over the world are pretending to be the knocked out Nate Robinson and are posting photos of themselves laying lifeless on the floor, ala Nate Robinson. Here’s more:

There are childish and foolish acts but you know people nowadays. Once someone starts something, everybody follows. Now Nate Robinson is an internet star, for the wrong reasons. This has been a weird year with COVID-19 changing the landscape of sports. The Tyson vs Jones event was supposed to be one of the bright spots of the year. It was fantastic watching two legends fight each other in the ring. It may have come two decades late but for the entertainment value and nostalgia, it was worth it. Don’t tell that to Nate Robinson though.

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