A New Season of DWCS Has Been Announced!

UFC Apex Center

  • The UFC is set to host events throughout the summer. 
  • A new season of DWCS will officially begin on August 4th. 
  • Fight Island events are beginning to take place on July 11th. 

Since first launching in 2017, Dana White’s Contender Series has become one of the most popular MMA shows for fans around the world. Unfortunately, the UFC’s feeder-promotion has been shut down for months. This week, officials within the UFC announced that a new season of DWCS will launch later this summer.

Many top-level fighters have come out of this show. It will be extremely exciting to see things resume in just a couple of months. Today, we’re going to break down what fans can expect.

Let’s get into it!

The UFC is Set to Host Events On “Fight Island”

Since May, the UFC has been holding major events on a regular basis. Initially, the promotion chose to put on these shows in Jacksonville, Florida. After gaining approval from Nevada’s Governor, the UFC then began moving its operations to the Apex Center in Las Vegas.

In early April, UFC President Dana White shocked the world by revealing he’d secured a private island to hold international fight cards. With travel restrictions in place, it’s been incredibly difficult to get fighters from other countries into the US. “Fight Island” will allow these athletes to finally perform.

For weeks, no one knew where this island was located. Eventually, Dana White announced that it was located on Yas Island, in Abu Dhabi. White also revealed that the first card held here would feature three exciting title fights.

This event, called UFC 251, will air live in the US on July 11th. The UFC will then host three more events on this island over the next couple of weeks. Many fans are still curious to see how the shows on this island will end up playing out.

MMA has proven to be one of the few sports capable of operating normally under the current circumstances. There are many big fights currently scheduled to take place all the way through August. Now, it seems that we’ll see one of the UFC’s most popular small shows resume later this summer.

Officials Confirm That a New Season of DWCS is Coming

As we mentioned earlier, Dana White’s Contender Series has produced a huge number of world-class fighters. That includes Sean O’Malley, Ian Heinisch, and Dan Ige. Over the years, this show has continued to attract more fans.

Many fans have been pressing the UFC on when this show will resume. Company officials finally released information on this situation. They’ve confirmed that a new season of DWCS will begin again in August.

Several of these events are already scheduled to take place. That includes shows on August 4th, August 11th, August 18th, August 25th, September 1st, and September 8th. The UFC has also revealed the names of several fighters competing on these DWCS events.

As you can see, these events are all scheduled to take place on a Tuesday. That has helped this small show grow so popular around the world. MMA events in the middle of the week offer fans something exciting to look forward to!

These shows will continue to take place inside the UFC Apex Center in Las Vegas. It’s likely that the promotion’s plans to launch DWCS in Asia, previously reported on back in January, will be put on hold for now.

The MMA world is back on track. Interestingly, several major US sports leagues are set to resume operations over the next couple of weeks.

The MLS and MLB Still Plan to Resume Next Month

The UFC made history by becoming the first major sports league to resume operations. Initially, many major sports leagues condemned the decision to host events during this unusual time. It didn’t take long for these leagues to change their stance.

Not long ago, both the MLS and the MLB agreed to resume their seasons in July. These leagues will both be holding their seasons in Florida. The athletes will be quarantined from the rest of the world while the season unfolds.

It’s clear that these seasons are going to look considerably different than they did in 2019. Some analysts are skeptical that they will be held at all. Health experts continue to warn about the potential dangers of holding major team sporting events during this time.

Until the first games of these seasons take place, people will continue to be skeptical. The world is in an unprecedented time and no one can accurately say how things will look over the next few months.

The UFC is continuing to push ahead. Problems continue to arise, yet the promotion doesn’t seem interested in slowing things down anytime soon. Fans are in for some extremely exciting bouts in July. Make sure to stay tuned for updates over the next few weeks!

Are you excited to hear about the new season of DWCS? Which event are you looking forward to the most this summer? Let us know in the comments section below!

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