The Next BKFC Event Officially Takes Place on March 19!

BKFC Leonard Garcia Vs Joe Elmore

  • The BKFC just held one of its biggest events to date over Super Bowl weekend. 
  • Dave Feldman claims the next BKFC event will be taking place on March 19. 
  • This event features a main event between Leonard Garcia and Joe Elmore.

Over the past few years, bare-knuckle boxing has grown considerably more popular. The BKFC is now one of the fastest-growing combat sports promotions in the world. According to new reports, the next BKFC event is scheduled to take place on March 19.

Fans are already getting excited. Next month’s fight card is featuring several incredible bouts. That includes the main event featuring a former UFC fighter with a huge fan base.

Now is the perfect time to break down this exciting fight card!

BKFC: KnuckleMania Ends Up Being a Major Success

The Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship launched back in 2018. At that time, the promotion was still fringe and somewhat looked-down-upon. Many felt bare-knuckle boxing was simply a more brutal, less technique-oriented form of fighting.

It took time, but the BKFC has ended up growing to become a very popular fight promotion. Part of the reason for the league’s success is its ability to sign big-name fighters. President Dave Feldman has managed to bring in several former UFC stars to his roster.

That includes fighters like Thiago Alves, Gabriel Gonzaga, and Chris Leben. Fans know these fighters and many were curious to see how they would fare in this new sport. It turns out, many of them have been finding tremendous success inside the BKFC ring.

Paige VanZant was signed to the promotion’s roster back in August of 2020. Paige was likely the most high-profile fighter to ever compete for the BKFC. Her first bare-knuckle fight came earlier this month at the BKFC’s “KnuckleMania” event against Britain Hart. She came in as the favorite according to most online sports betting sites but ended up losing via unanimous decision.

Overall, the KnuckleMania event was a big success. Fans were treated to several incredible fights, including the final bout of Chris Leben’s career. It’s becoming clear that the BKFC is here to stay and now appears to have its next upcoming event scheduled.

This event is also expected to be fantastic. Now is the perfect time to break down some of the matchups scheduled to take place on this card.

Breaking Down the Next BKFC Event on March 19

There are some clear reasons why the BKFC is growing so popular. Perhaps the most obvious is the almost non-stop action that this new sport provides. Unlike traditional boxing, there is very little “feeling out” in bare-knuckle boxing and fighters tend to start swinging from the second the first bell rings.

On March 19, BKFC 16 will officially take place. This card is expected to be another big hit for the new combat sports promotion. Fans are eager to see how things play out in the main event between Leonard Garcia and Joe Elmore.

Dave Feldman is already expressing his excitement for this event. He spoke about the matchups to the media this week and claims there is some heat on the main event.

“Leonard Garcia against Joe Elmore is a true bad-blood match and perfect for our main event,” Feldman said. “Both guys have wanted to fight each other for a long time and both have promised to finish the other in striking fashion. DeMarcus Corley is a former world champion boxer who has fought numerous big names over the last twenty years and surely will be tested by Reggie Barnett Jr. who is excited to welcome him to BKFC.”

The co-main event between Corley and Barnett Jr. is also expected to be fantastic. As Feldman claims, these two men both have legitimate combat sports experience. It should be an exciting clash of styles.

More of the fights on this card will be announced over the next two weeks. Eventually, fans will be able to head over to BetOnline to place all of their wagers on these fights, too! The odds will likely offer some big opportunities to win big.

Canelo vs. Yildirim is Less than Two Weeks Away

It seems likely that bare-knuckle boxing will continue to grow more popular every year. Many have come to enjoy what the BKFC brings to the table. It’s also exciting seeing former UFC stars competing in an entirely new sport.

Traditional boxing still has a significantly larger fan base. In fact, some believe the popularity of boxing is at an all-time high right now. Part of the reason for that is the variety of exciting superstars currently competing in the sport.

Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez remains the biggest star in boxing. On February 27, he’ll look to defend his WBC super-middleweight title against Avni Yildirim. It’s a big fight, yet one nearly everyone believes Canelo will win.

The oddsmakers agree. BetOnline lists the champion as the -4000 favorite in this fight. He’s bigger, hits harder, and has a big advantage with his defensive skills. It wouldn’t be a shock to see him get a victory in the early rounds here.

There are many questions that still surround Yildirim. Many casual fans are unaware of how good he truly is. He enters this fight as the +1400 underdog and will shock the world if he manages to come out victorious. We’ll offer more information on this bout over the next week.

Are you excited to see the next BKFC event? Who do you think wins in the main event? Let us know in the comments section below!

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